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My (rather lengthy) process with Dr Gemoules lenses in Coppell

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  • My (rather lengthy) process with Dr Gemoules lenses in Coppell

    Hey guys,

    After reading many success stories, I went to Dr G in August to get fitted with his scleral lenses.

    I have post lasik dry eyes. You can read my intro post here:

    Let me begin by saying that unfortunately it didn't work out for me.
    But let me start from the beginning:

    Dr G is amazing. I won't go on about this since other's have elaborated in this regard. He is truly dedicated to what he does and is deeply passionate about it. It was a relief being around him after being used to the sub-par OD's I've been going to for years.

    On the 1st day, I found out I had a prescription (mostly higher order aberrations which can't be corrected with glasses - aghh!) he was able to get rid of most of it on the 1st pair - I was shocked by how much better my vision can get as never really realized it was an issue.
    He got the fit pretty much spot on on the 1st try. Over the next few days, he went on to refine the prescription.
    He fit me with a 17mm and also gave me an 18mm to try and see what I prefer.

    The lenses felt good. I didn't feel immediate relief such as others have describes on the boards, but I really noticed the difference when doing focused work such as computer and reading. Let me clarify that my eyes aren't as dry as others who have sought out this treatment.
    I felt good at the end of the initial week of fitting. I didn't feel that "oh, my life has been changed" feeling that people report, but it felt good to see sharply and to tolerate focused work better.

    After leaving Coppell I went off to LA, and that's when the problems started. I had just begun wearing the lenses for full days when I realized that my sclera outside of the lens area was very yellowish and the blood vessels were very red. I even had a few people comment on this. I could feel the lens to be very tight, almost like someone was applying constant slight pressure on my eyes. I took a pic and sent it to Dr G to which he suggested I go off TheraTears eye drops which I was using. I did, and nothing changes.

    Dr G suggested that we make a new pair. I was going back to Dallas area anyway, so it worked out well. I went back in, and he took a look at what was going on.
    He said it looks like I have Chemosis, which is swelling of the conjunctiva and hence the lens is causing blanching (tightness around the peripheral of the lens) because the lens is "pushing the conjunctiva out". He did not know what the yellow tint was about.

    He then went on to make a bunch of new pairs over the course of about a month, trying to loosen the edges and such to try reduce this effect. Nothing worked.
    As a last stand, he made a smaller lens (16mm) in hops that that might help the situation - it didn't.

    In conclusion, I can't wear the lenses comfortably at this point. I gave it more than a fair shot, which is all we can ever do.
    I still have them, and plan to try them every so often to see if anything changes.

    So that's my story. It's kinda brief, so feel free to ask any questions you might have.

    I just want to clarify again that Dr G was amazing throughout this whole thing, and did above and beyond what was expected to try make this work.