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  • PuriLens Plus??

    Has anybody tried PuriLens Plus as a replacement for Unisol 4? I am so upset that they are discontinuing unisol 4, my eyes haven't been able to tolerate anything else (I don't have dry eye, I have a severe keratoconus). I wanted to buy a case of PuriLens Plus as they appear to be comparable but before I did, I wanted to see what other people thought. Its also a little cheaper I think too.



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    Sorry I haven't been here in what feels like a zillion years!!! Just been so busy.

    Regarding Purilens Plus - everyone I know so far through the dry eye shop that has tried it seems to have found no difference at all (I've had lots of emails & phone conversations about it) so I've been encouraged that it really is identical as the manufacturer says. But I've also set it up to be able to ship small quantities (individual bottles as opposed to the 12packs they come in) so that people can try it out before they commit to a larger quantity.
    Rebecca Petris
    The Dry Eye Foundation