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    My lenses were deliberately fitted with a high vault so that the surface will dry out and get blurry in order to get the blink reflex to kick in. If yours are fitted the same way and you have AD (I don't, just MGD) they may well be drying out even if you blink often. I would definitely try drops. I use Refresh Contacts if I am wearing them for a long time in especially dry conditions, like in the wind. I find anything else just makes the blurriness worse. The Refresh drops are not PF but as the corneas are protected by the lenses I don't worry about the preservatives. I should mention that I don't wear the lenses very often these days, and usually not for long periods, so I don't use many drops. If you need them often maybe you should look for a PF version, but I don't know of any specifically for contacts. Maybe just experiment with different PF drops until you find something that works. Good luck.


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      Originally posted by miki-mama View Post
      I've been wearing these lenses (not the same pair!) for almost 15 years, now. So, I can remove/insert while sleep walking. I use only one plunger (the larger one for inserting) for both removal and insertion. So, I never need to touch the lenses with my fingers. If the lens gets cloudy and I need to rinse it out at a public restroom, I lay down a thick layer of paper towels on the countertop away from the sinks, where I place the lens case and Unisol. I quickly remove and swish the lens in the Simplus solution in the lens case, rinse with Unisol and fill up the lens and reinsert. It takes me all of 15 seconds. In my car, I usually have a box of kleenex or a roll of paper towel. I place either on my lap, place another sheet of paper towel in the cup holder for the Unisol. I place the lens case with Simplus on the paper towel on my lap, CAREFULLY open the lens cap, remove my lens, swish in Simplus, rinse and reinsert.. I emphasized CAREFULLY, because I have tipped the lens case over and spilled the simplus solution out a few times. I'm sure if my doctors read what I do with my lenses, they will have a heart attack!
      Thanks for the the details. I still think this is a skill level I'll never get to. It sounds like you can do it without a mirror, amazing. My doctor would definitely read me the riot act if I did this sort of thing. What is Simplus? I was only told to use Optimum ESC, which you have to rinse off completely under running water, and ClearCare which takes six hours, to clean and disinfect the lenses.


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        B&L Simplus is a "soaking" solution which cleans, disinfects, and conditions the RGP lenses. I use the Clear Care, then soak my lenses in Simplus. I find that it provides more lubrication and cushion for my lenses.


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          Thanks everyone for all the tips. one more thing for the ladies. Should I apply make up after putting in my lens ? My dr did not inform me of this but I have read that was the case. i have been applying the make up first. I only use Mac face powder and some blush. Sometimes i use masscare but only on the tips of my lashes.


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            Definitely insert lenses before putting on any make up!


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              In my "emergency kit" I keep:
              -Contact lens case containing spare lens floating in unisol solution or sterile saline
              -Alcohol wipes
              -Baggy with both plungers
              -2 vials of sterile saline (addipak brand)

              I don't use a mirror when I insert even at home. I use the big plunger (with my hand, not the kind on a stationary stand), and just look directly at the black hole as inserting it so it's lined up perfectly. I stand, unless I'm in my car. To take out I use the little plunger, and my rear view mirror. I don't use my fingers hold my eye open to take the lens out - it never seems necessary. I HAVE to use the big and little plungers though, even if I have a mirror. I even have to use the big plunger to put a regular soft contact in my other eye. I wish I didn't.

              If you ever do it over a sink though, make sure you put a paper towel over the drain! It only took me once to learn that lesson (thank goodness the sink trap at my dr's office was only hand tightened!!!)

              I always carry an extra lens with me. I figure it's better and faster to just throw in the spare instead of trying to (or carrying stuff to) wash one. And that way if I dropped the first one and it broke, I'd always have a spare with me. I fill it with the addipak vial saline, since it's easiest to care around. The vials work well as eye drops also when I run out of my regular drops.

              For clouding I've read in a couple places that that a common culprit is often fit. A poor fit can cause clouding when there isn't enough room for fluid exchange - so I think it's like if it's too sharp or tight at the vault then liquid doesn't travel under it like it's supposed to. It sounds like there is a test they can do where they put a colored dye and then watch to see if it gets properly dispersed - if not, then the fit needs to be adjusted. I haven't heard of anyone having this actually done though.

              Another poster at one point wrote that they used Lobob Optimum CDS regular strength cleaning/disinfecting/storage solution instead of the extra strength to get rid of deposits and that made a big difference. It's my guess though that if you do that you get rid of the plasma treatment on the lens much faster. The plasma treatment does a lot to prevent fogging, and people recommend you have the lenses retreated periodically. I haven't had mine retreated yet.

              For me I only noticed clouding a couple of times: on the outside after a 2 really bad allergy attacks; and then also using Refresh drops (optive advanced or for contacts I believe, but I can't remember which) on the inside. I switched to only Blink contacts and Theratears preservative free (in the eye), including at night, and haven't had that problem again. What are you filling your lens with? Does your clouding tend to be in the inside or the outside? If it's allergies you might try an allergy drop on your eye overnight and see if things are any different the next day.

              I've noticed that almost every soap contains deodorant, moisturizers, or other things that aren't conducive to making hands grease free. So now I only use soap specifically made for contact wearers and I really scrub with it. I washed out one of those foaming soap bottles, and filled it with 1/4 "vista prep" and 3/4 water. I bought vista prep in a huge refill bottle, and looks like that will last me 2 years at the rate it's going. Make sure you dry your hands really well also, because you don't want scale or other deposits from tap water getting on the lenses.

              I agree with the filling advice - drip the liquid instead of squirt, and hesitate when it gets to the eye. Also it helps if you fill it until it overflows a bit- so actually drips over the side, instead of just until it is full. I've never seen my bubbles either. I can just tell there is one right after I insert my lens in the morning when it seems like the lens is bouncing as I blink.