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schleral lenses - meibum glands

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  • schleral lenses - meibum glands

    Hi there!

    I have a question to schleral lenses users/experts

    making a long story short--

    Ive been warned about schleral lenses... saying if u use them for a half year - then there`s no way back - even if u find another solution Because::

    Schleral lenses is damaging the meibum glands......IS THAT A FACT??

    maybe a silly question from a guy like me.......but My schemer is good - TBUT these days 6-8 seconds....but my pain is so high that i cannot function without lenses....
    has the last year been doing ok with a soft bandage lens....but over the last 3 weeks my eyes has become so bad that i hardly can keep them open ...thougt i had an infection but negative....
    anyone else having out of the blue bad periods but getting better again??

    if i dont get better i have to use schlerals and there for my concern about the glands........
    IS IT POSSIBLE TO HAVE A CLOSE TO NORMAL LIFE::::::KEEP WORKING course I know you need a good fitting....

    i have a set 25 mm schlerals.......tell me someone if u are having my kind of pain...are u doing well with so large lenses and how do u get through the day
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    25mm? Holy cow!!! I'm pretty sure 19.5 is the max for me because it's work to get that in some days. How do you get that in your eye without the fluid falling out???