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Difference between sclerals and PROSE

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  • Difference between sclerals and PROSE

    I have been doing research on this b/c I have RGP sclerals that my optometrist fitted for me and worked GREAT. I was having some irritation and I am wondering if it was due to protein build up or my eye changing shape. Ophthalmologist won't let me wear the sclerals right now, but said in the future, only PROSE, I have talked to Boston. The PROSE "system" is a fitting system they patented and they use RGP lenses. The woman said that if I had someone able to fit me properly, she doesn't understand why I would need to go there (or Johns Hopkins-which is closer to me) There is nothing different about the material of their lenses.

    Any help/ideas????

    I REALLY want to wear my lenses again. They work fantastic for me.

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    You could try getting them cleaned and plasma treated as a first step. That's not too expensive, and you'll know if its protein buildup then.