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Bandage lens just fitted - Help request

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  • Bandage lens just fitted - Help request

    Just got back from the hospital, where they decided to fit a bandage lens instead of debridement because the nighttime gel wasn't working. ( so nori2015 you were right
    Originally posted by nori2015 View Post
    Bandage contact lens if you're getting them every day
    I don't normally wear contact lenses, so in the interests of my rather bruised eye, I was hoping for some advice: if anyone can give me the does and don'ts on bandage contacts it would be useful. Things I was really curious about include how to clean lids and eyes, and how frequently to put drops in since I've just been told 'whenever I feel like it', which isn't that helpful. Are there any warning signs the the lens has slipped or has problems that I ahould look out for?