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  • Feeling much much better!

    Hello everyone!!! I had promised to myself that I would write about my story as soon as I would have good news in order to inform the sufferers that there is a solution for everyone!!!!

    In September (2022) I started having dry eyes for the second time in my life (again in 2016). At first I was not really worried as I knew the treatment that had worked for me (warm compresses). But things got worse and worse. I had so much pain and irritation. I was stuck in my bed.
    The appointment with an eye doctor - dry eyes specialist - was in November and I wanted some relief desperately so I went to an eyes’ inflammation specialist. He found that my eyes were already in terrible condition (Schirmer test 0 and 1) so he sent me for blood tests as he was sure that I suffered from Sjogren’s syndrome. The tests were negative but he insisted that I had to see a reumatologist and did not help with my dryness. In addition he was so socked with my situation that made me depressed and anxious.

    However as I did not have other Sjogren’s symptoms I decided to try to fix my eyes and not have other tests (lip biopsy etc). So I tried at home everything I read in this forum:
    -every artificial tears and gels that I found in my country
    -omega 3, oral hyalouronic, B12 vitamins
    -warm compresses and eyelid massage

    When I went to the dry eyes specialist he told me that thing were not so terrible (Schirmer 8 and 12) and that I should take steroids (softacort) for one month and continue everything I did.

    In December I went again and he found that I was better.
    But the most important thing is that I take my life back. There is still some irritation in both eyes but it is totally manageable.
    So I want to say to everyone please don’t lose hope and don’t stop trying!!! It takes time but it can be healed!!!
    Happy holidays and happy new year!!!

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    Thanks for this message of hope !
    Did you have MGD ?

    Hope you still feel well !