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    Hi, I never enter his forum anymore since it reactivates old, dark feelings but felt I had to share that I feel that I'm back to living a normal life (I started out as a post LASIK dry eye sufferer with corneal neuralgia). As you can see from my previous posts I have gone through a whole lot of treatments and experiments. There has been ups and downs, sometimes I have felt much better, then again worse. But I few years ago I started doing IRPL (even if I don't think I have so much MGD) and it was really helpful. However, it was pricey, so I invested in one of these light therapy masks:
    I use it once every two days. Sometimes I put it a little higher up (with closed eyelids) so that the light shines onto my eyelids. The mask is around 200 dollars and since I started this I have not needed to do IRPL (which is like 560 dollars for every round of three treatments), and I would say that I now I'm feeling better and since I can do the treatment whenever I want the effect never fades. I also take evening primrose oil two times a day, like 5-6 grams in total. Apart from that, I don't do anything and I would say I'm almost back to normal, I feel my eyes bother me very little.

    What was also helpful when I was more symptomatic was a supplement called NMN (however, be aware it uses up methyl groups (this article talks about another supplement called NR but NR and NMN are quite similar):
    I also experimented with mixing a very small amount of NMN in saline and using it as eye drops (has to be very little, and mixed throughly, otherwise it stings, also it shouldn't be stored but you should mix a new solution for every use since it breaks down in water. Here's an article about a study about it:
    I found it helpful both to take the NMN as a supplement and to apply it topically (however, note that the latter is very experimental). I never weighed the amount that I put in the saline so can not provide you with a number but it should be very little.

    Wishing you all great improvement!

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    Thank you Lelagy, i'm more and more interested about IPL, i never did it but have read so much good articles about how it improves many aspects, especially inflammation. Could you explain to me how it was improving? Was it directly after IPL and using this mask or gradually , weeks after weeks improving inflammation and thus symptoms? Also, how many years you truggled with dry eyes and how your lacrimal glands were impacted? I read that after a few years (3-4), if your lacrimal gland is still inflammed, you begin to "loose" it?

    How do you the mask? From what i have seen, there are 4 light mode : red (630NM), blue , yellow , near infrared (850NM). IPL use between 500 and 1200. Do you use all the time the 850NM? Thank you

    Thank you for being back here and giving tools to help us. I have read your post through my years too and always found you incredible for trying and expanding your expertise.

    Hope the best for you
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      That's really great news - thanks so much for circling back to share your progress lelagy !
      Rebecca Petris
      The Dry Eye Foundation


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        PeterBelgian I think I felt improvements almost directly after doing IRPL, after a few days the most. Cannot speak to the status of my lacrimal glands but been having the dry eye problems since LASIK in 2005 but it became so much worse in 2011-2012. About the mask I felt relief I think on the same day or the day after. I use the NIR and red light setting together. I forgot to say I also use a good sleeping mask at night, wash my eyelids with this (sorry, in Swedish but you can see the ingredients: and at night often mix 5-6 drops of tea tree oil in a mild soap and wash my eyelids. Thank you Rebecca Petris :-)


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          And thank you for your kind words PeterBelgian :-)