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10 years of dry eyes now severe allergies

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  • 10 years of dry eyes now severe allergies

    Hi Everyone,

    I am 34 yo male and had dry eyes for 10 years. After being unable to wear contacts, I had Lasik knowing I was about to deploy again and didn't want to need glasses. I was in the Navy for half and didn't find a specialist until 5 years ago when I was first diagnosed with MGD. Since then I've visited specialists at University of Michigan, Seattle, and Florida. I've spent close to $40,000 since insurance covers next to none of these treatments.

    -Hot & cold compresses
    -Fish oil supplements
    -Most the OTC drops on the shelf
    -Whole 30 diet
    -Serum tears
    -IPL (many times)
    -****** gland probing
    -Allergy drops
    -Ivermectin cream
    -Tea tree wipes

    Most recently, I've had severe swelling that seems to be an allergic reaction to something. Perfumes, cleaners, scented soaps, solvents, and essential oils seem to be the triggers I've identified with a near instant tingling in my lower eye lid. I saw an allergist and was told I'm allergic to dust mites, pollen, and mold. I am currently on Predisone because the swelling is so bad. I have another appointment with a allergist next week and hoping he can offer more options.

    I'm pretty discouraged. When I leave the house people look at me weird because it looks like I have two black eyes. It's not fun being asked what happened or having people stare. Fortunately, I have good support. My girlfriend has a lot of food allergies so we support each others struggles. Having spent so much money, particularly in the last year, I feel defeated.

    Other than the Predisone, fish oil, and allergy drops, I am not taking any other drugs currently. I did great for a short period of time without anything. Now the allergies have caused a whole new set of issues for me. I know there is a lot of people on here who have struggled with similar stories. If anyone has had success managing the allergy component of dry eye I'd gladly take any thoughts or recommendations.


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    Allergy shots.. u can search for this key word in this forum as there were people doing this and finding relief. For dry eyes - scleral lenses if you havent tried yet


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      I'm seeing another allergist next week. I agree allergy shots may be helpful.