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    I saw a new doctor 2 months ago. Because I hadn't had any luck with doxycycline for my MGD in the past (I have rosacea), he put me on 1000mg of azithromycin one time per week. It's been 8 weeks and I've lost 9lbs from being so sick. I finally called this week and was told to stop taking the medication. However, because it didn't clear my glands he wants to do probing when I go back. My first visit he didn't do any 'real' checking of my glands. I'm nervous about the probing because I figure my MGD is due to inflammation (I have toothpaste-like secretions). If you probe the glands and squeeze all the built up junk out I'm sure it would give some improvement...temporarily. However, if the underlying cause (inflammation) isn't dealt with then don't the glands just ultimately get blocked all over again? I'm concerned not only with the scarring but how do you know the doctor you are dealing with actually has the experience to do the procedure? What is the correct way to do the procedure? I'm assuming compresses followed by the probing and then expression of the glands. Any input appreciated. Thank you.