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Tips for Redness?

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  • Tips for Redness?

    Hello All,

    This forum has been invaluable and given me hope. I developed dry eye MGD after a BAD infection. Although I'm still coming to terms, I'm trying to get ahead of this so I can have SOME control.

    I'm looking in to Nulids Device to preserve my glands which hopefully will bring me relief.

    My question is if anyone has tips on reducing redness?

    I notice drops if used frequently helps me. And use of night time gel. I'm doing my anti inflammatory diet and have a humidifier and cold compresses. I just ordered tea tree wash and and crossing my fingers that nulids will improve it.

    Does anyone have any other tips, other than castor oil? I thought about putting that or coconut oil on my lids or under my eyes.

    Also, any thoughts on hyloforte or optimal manuka?

    Thank you