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  • Questions about doing a Superficial Keratectomy this week under General Anesthesia

    I'm supposed to do a Superficial Keratectomy on Tuesday for my left eye. I am completely terrified as I have some super sensitivity that prevents anything from touching my eye. I have never even been able to have a doctor put a contact lens on my eye.

    In my case, they will do it under General...
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  • EyesOpen
    started a topic Dry-eye, EBMD and RCES

    Dry-eye, EBMD and RCES

    I am finally systemically treating my dry-eye disease, and have found a dry-eye ophthalmologist who listens and did purposed tests.

    I would appreciate any feedback from members with experience in these matters.

    Dr. Williams (Arlington, Washington), a dry-eye specialist I saw...
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  • jack.llewellyn
    started a topic RCE and living alone

    RCE and living alone

    Hi all, I've suffered with RCE since a trauma last year. I'm so happy I've found this forum because the main thing I struggle with is the loneliness of noone knowing what I go through, being scared to fall asleep. I was wrongly diagnosed several times and could only start treatment (lubricating drops...
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  • Hello - RCE and Map Dot Dystrophy - Help Please

    Hello, Iím Carl a 44 year old male from the UK and a year ago I started getting these excruciating pains in both my eyes which after numerous attendances to a&E and the emergency eye clinic I now know are recurrent corneal erosions.

    The drops help throughout the day, Hycosan Extra work...
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  • RCE, Severe Dry Eye, Infection, Scarring

    My lovely relationship with dry eyes is a fairly long one. I was told as a young teenager after getting a battery of tests done for other issues that I had some sort of marker that means in predisposed to dry eye syndrome. They left if at that and I the time I thought "I went through all this and...
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  • RCE sufferer... wondering bout some things

    hi! it's my first post. i hope i am posting in the right place!
    my name is mickey, i am 31/female, i have been knowingly having RCE's for about 2 years now in my right eye (never my left). after no eye trauma, and before ever having an erosion or abrasion (to my knowledge), 4-5 years ago my eye...
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  • mamachismo
    started a topic Recurrent Corneal Erosion

    Recurrent Corneal Erosion

    I've been suffering with RCE flare ups for 2 years now . It started when I scratched my eye while cutting down a sucker tree. Since then I've seen 3 specialists and had multiple flare ups. I've worn a bandage contact lense from time to time and I use muro, tears, a humidifier at night and just recently...
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  • Katja
    started a topic Newbie from Europe, post-viral MGD, RCE

    Newbie from Europe, post-viral MGD, RCE

    Hi guys,

    I found Dry Eye Talk by browsing, and have been reading it for last couple of weeks. Finally, Iím here to post Iím a 34 y.o. female from Holland, and for the past 3 months Iím in the club, having dry eyes, MGD and RCE.

    My DE could have probably occurred as...
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  • Muro 128?

    Hello everyone! I have a few questions about those who have RCE and have used muro 128 drops. My husband started to get erosions 6 months ago, and about a month ago he was diagnosed with RCE. He was, of course, put on an eyedrop regimen of muro128 every 4 hours, 4 times a day, systane ultra every 4...
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  • Long Term management of dry eyes/corneal ulcers/abrasions

    Hi all,

    I have often used this site to research hints and tips for my eye problems and have found it very useful.

    I began suffering with eye problems in my teens, and was often off school with corneal ulcers.

    Then the problem cleared up until about 3 years...
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  • PTK - how safe? how successful? complications?

    I had RCEs for almost a yr straight, then had a hiatus of about 6-8 months with none. They started up again 8 weeks ago. I was in denial for 3 weeks, though I had significant pain and greatly decreased acuity. Finally, I went to a new doc, an OD, and she suggested bandage contact lenses BCL. I have...
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  • Anyone know of good ophthalmologist in Maryland?

    I have gone to both a corneal specialist and a neuro-ophthalmologist at a well-known teaching hospital in Maryland, but neither have ever explained much of what is wrong with my eyes. They did not even tell me I had MGD, EBMD, RCEs, as well as anesthesia dolorosa. I discovered some of my diagnoses,...
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  • I'm back (RCE) but now it's for my 4 year old son.

    I was on this forum about 2 years ago for RCE. I had so much trouble getting a diagnosis, and was extremely frustrated before finding this forum, self-diagnosing and finding a doctor who was aware of this condition through a recommendation (Thanks so much Dry Eye Zone!!). I ended up having 2 surgeries...
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  • hanny102
    started a topic How I cured my RCE

    How I cured my RCE

    I am posting this in the hope that it will be of use to others who suffer from this horrific condition.

    In June 2009, I woke up with my first RCE episode in my left eye (pain was about a 5, on a scale of 1-10). The doctor said it was caused by a foreign object. A...
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  • Help me decide....

    I am a 59 year old female diabetic. I suffer from RCE's, am very nearsighted with astigmatism (L -6.50 and R -4.50) and have meibomian gland issues.

    PRK has been recommended to me to fix my corneas and as a side benefit to go ahead and fix my vision.

    I've had the Shirmer...
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