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  • shar_63
    started a topic Help! Advice sought.

    Help! Advice sought.

    My doc recently prescribed Xiidra. I know it can cause some initial irritation and takes a few weeks to show a good effect, but I am having the issue I often have with irritating drops of deep conjunctival hemorrhages beneath my pinguecula on each eye. This has happened in the past, for instance, if...
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  • shar_63
    started a topic Refrigerate Xiidra.

    Refrigerate Xiidra.

    Does anyone refrigerate their Xiidra?
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  • happyWImom
    started a topic Xiidra questions

    Xiidra questions

    17yr old daughter just started Xiidra. Nervous because she doesn't do well with prescription anything & worried about safety since it is still so new. It cant harm meibomian glands or goblet cells, since it's not helping them the way Restasis does?Why does it burn so much and make vision blurry....
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  • Did anyone get worse after Xiidra?

    I am trying to reduce the amount of stuff I am using before adding in any more medication. I keep a daily log of my symptoms and medications as well as other variables. I grew suspicious of Xiidra so I will eliminate it but I will keep using Restasis. I will also visit the optometrist more often during...
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  • Chirpybirdy
    started a topic Xiidra Safety

    Xiidra Safety

    I was given a prescription for Xiidra today for my dry eye. I am reluctant to use this medication because it has not been tested for long-term side effects. I read everyone's post about how the drops are either helping or not helping and see all the comments on side effects. But this drug is so new...
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