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xanax and dry eyes

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  • xanax and dry eyes

    i noticed there was a thread re: xanax... i take it -what i have noticed is that when i take it to sleep my eyes seem to stay about the same (i guess the drying effect wears off by the time i wake ) ..

    If I take it during the day it seems I get a little drier about 4 hours after taking it. I was just wondering if anyone else noticed a difference between taking it at sleep vs. the daytime.. Also, an increased dosage produces more side effecs (just like anything...)..

    any thoughts or experiences ???

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    I once had an eye doc tell me that he thought the effects of Xanax are simply like having your body be relaxed - so you sleep with your eyes cracked open a little or you don't blink as much as you normally would. Like a "zonking out."

    I think he is right, although I have seen articles on how Xanax withdrawal causes dry eye symptoms, so perhaps that is what you're experiencing? Short bouts of withdrawal in between doses? Read this link and let me know what you think.

    Another thought I have is that even if you sleep with your eyes cracked open, you might not feel the effects immediately. It could've been more of a tiny eye crack so your eyes wouldn't feel poopy until later in the day after extensive computer use, for example.

    Regardless, is there something else you could try? How about Ativan? Valium? My GP advised that Xanax is highly dangerous for those that aren't experiencing acute panic attacks, due to its addictive behavior.

    - Rose


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      yeah i read that.. i get dry when i take it during the daytime.. not sure why.. if i take it only at night i am ok during the i am not sure..


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        For me, personally, Xanax overall was just not a great drug to use for my mild to moderate anxiety. My GP advised that it's only to be taken for severe, acute panic attacks. If that is what you are experiencing, then by all means Jenny, do not stop it. I had one of those last year for the first time in my life and it was CRISIS CITY! Thank goodness I was ALONE because I would've been mortified if my husband had been home to witness it!

        Also, do not try to attempt to go off of this drug 'cold turkey' because that will DEFINITELY cause dry eye issues, among other things. A lot of the other anti-anxiety meds that you could try can assist you with the tapering down of your Xanax dosage - something to keep in mind. They make the transition easier, in other words.

        There is enough evidence that Xanax or benzos in general do something to the eyes, whether it inhibits lacrimal function or causes pupil dilation or does something else. Again, if possible, speak to your doctor about changing to something different. Many of us are on something, but something other than Xanax because it worsens the condition. It does in me, at least.

        And there was never any rhyme or reason as to why one day it would cause dry eye symptoms and why the next day it would not. This leads me to believe there is more lacrimal gland interaction than we know.

        I understand the need to take something, this might not be the drug for you however.