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Is Biotin doing this??

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  • Is Biotin doing this??

    I have been taking a drugstore biotin brand (5000mcg) for like 2 mos to regrow my short eyelashes. It was OK. But then they stopped carrying it, so I changed to another brand which offered 10mg of Biotin in a dissolving tablet. It's been 3 weeks since I started and now I'm noticing I'm losing my eyelashes again and my eyes seem much drier and hurt upon waking. Has anyone noticed an ugly drying effect from too much biotin? I'm thinking of dropping it because it's no coincidence that they're falling again when I upped the dose!


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    I have wondered the same thing about biotin, because some of my symptoms have been worse since taking a hair/skin/nails formula that contains 2500 mcg. I have read that exess biotin does not cause any side effects, but I wonder if such high dosages are affecting the OTHER b vitamins to the detriment of our eyes.