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should I try a new drug before my wedding day...?

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  • should I try a new drug before my wedding day...?

    dear dry eyes sufferers!
    for half a year I'm looking for medication against anxiety and depression, which does not dry out my eyes. I have tried really a lot of drugs, but all medications had a bad influence on my dry eyes .
    Now I've found a new medication in the Internet: Buspirone. I searched a lot but I could not find side effects regarding to dry eyes or dry mouth.
    do you have experiences with this drug? can I take it? my wedding day is in three weeks and I don't want to have bad eyes on this day. But I also don't want to have anxiety on this day.... so... what sould I do? should I take the drug because this drug won't dry out my eyes or sould I better be careful and take the drug after the wedding?
    this is a hard decision... can you help me....? this would be so great!!
    thanks a lot in advance !!!!
    Please don't hesitate to correct my English - I'm still learning

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    Hi Susie

    Your English is fine - you would laugh at my attempts at German.

    Regarding your question; it's only my opinion of course but I would think hard about starting a new drug so close to your wedding day. I know nothing about Buspirone but some drugs take a few weeks to have any affect. Getting the dose right is such an individual thing and you might feel worse before you start feeling better.

    I agree, it's a hard decision. Anti-depressants have not helped me at all; it's not that they make my eyes feel more dry but I just feel absolutely wretched, both physically and mentally. However, I know that many other people have had positive results using them.

    I hope your wedding day goes well.

    herzliche Gre


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      Might you consider Xanax or Ativan (low dose, fast acting) to take on your wedding day, then start experimenting with Busiperone after your honeymoon? Just don't drink alcohol within 8 hours of taking either, and don't take so much that you are deer eyes in headlights and won't remember your special day. You might ask for a prescription of several tablets so you have some to experiment with to get the right dose well in advance of your wedding day. For me 1 mg of Xanax puts me to sleep, 1/2 mg. gives me the calm I need in high anxiety situations. It takes about 1 1/2 hours for me to get the full effect of the drug. I speak from experience, took Xanax on my wedding day. Something else to consider with the anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs is their tendency to reduce libido and enjoyment of intimacy. These side effects occur in women as well as men. I'm not sure that is what you want for your honeymoon either? Congrats on your upcoming wedding! Don't get so wrapped up in everything that you forget to enjoy the day. Delegate as much to others as you can.
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        thank you so much for your answers. You are right, it's not a good idea to start a new drug before my wedding day.not only because of the drying side effects.the drug could have very different side effects and yes, it will take a few weeks to have an effect.
        I think I will work with Ativan. This is a very good idea! And after my honeymoon I'm going to try Buspirone or another antidepressant. Thanks a lot for the advice!
        Please don't hesitate to correct my English - I'm still learning