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Can anyone describe antidepressant dry eye symptoms?

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  • Can anyone describe antidepressant dry eye symptoms?

    Sorry to be posting such a personal thread.

    I've started a course of Effexor antidepressant, as I am not really coping well with dry eye associated pain and with lasik regrets. I'm wondering what kind of dry eye side effects you may have had while on an antidepressant? Was the side effect temporary? Where you able to use some coping strategies, as in extra drops? What else did you try.



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    From what I have been told, antidepressants are a cause of making dry eyes drier. I have been on so many antidepressants in the past (including effoxor) and recently (a few months ago) began a secomd round of Prozac...the highest recommended dose. Nothing has worked for me over the course of many years.

    Please check into whether antidepressants are indeed a contributing factor re DES as that is what I have heard/read on more than one occasion. Was also told not to use meds such as Benadryl as they dry your eyes even more (antihistamine) as well as Advil and probably other NSAIDS (non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, possibly alleve as well).

    I can not offer you any coping strategies as I am not doing well myself. Possibly the only thing that may help you is to find a really good, empathetic therapist so at least you know that you have 45 minutes a week devoted to you and what you need to say and possibly get some help regarding helping you cope. As far as me, I am going to check into whether a tranquilizer will dry me up even further. If it is safe, according to my doc, I may very well start on it as needed.

    Wish I could offer more. I have had a few changes in my med routine as per my doc which I would be happy to share with you. Please let me know if you would like me to give you more info. I don't know your specifics as far as your DES issues but possibly I could give you an idea or two that you could check out w/ your doc that might help.

    My best wishes from my heart for peace, relief and a life without pain and discomfort for you. Take good care.


    PS - Don't ever feel embarassed regarding the use of antidepressants or any other treatent to try and help your state of pain...mental and physical. Just please investigate what I was told regarding the drying effect of antidepressants and see if it pertains to all brands.