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Very Bad Day

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  • Very Bad Day

    My eyes feel worse than they have ever felt, and that is saying alot. They are bone dry, like someone poured cement in them and let dry. They are extremely inflamed, gritty, foreign body feel, absolutely raw, and have not stopped burning for one second. I have no idea what is going on, why this day is so bad. Nothing has changed...did nothing different. Except took decongestant and antihistamine yesterday and today. Is it at all possible that just doing that caused THIS!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    I know I tried taking allergy medicine (antihistamine) and it completely dried out my eyes, mouth, nose...I was miserable. It's possible they could be contributing.


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      Yes, the antihistamine is causing your eyes to be worse. The purpose of antihistamine is to dry you out so you don't have runny anything. Very bad for dry eye sufferers. That said I often have really bad days, or maybe I should say really bad moments for no particular reason. On those occasions I use my serum as often as needed and I make sure I am taking my other drops and supplements too. Sometimes I take drops as often as every 30 minutes. I do not use artificial tears of any kind any more not even preservative free. I often find that if I have a good day and therefore do not keep up with my meds I will pay for it with a really bad day soon.