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IPL (Intense Pulse Light Therapy)

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  • IPL (Intense Pulse Light Therapy)

    I am considering IPL therapy but I would totally appreciate hearing from others who have had IPL. If it doesn’t make a significant improvement I will avoid the expense. I have suffered from extremely severe dry eye since having LASIK 20 years ago. I still have some meibomian glands but the meibum is more like cement than olive oil.

    I would really like to hear ideas that have helped others with MGD. Things that have helped me the most are plugs followed by cauterization, heat treatments at least two or three times per day, moisture goggles day and night, non-preserved eye products, and supplements (fish oil, biotin, vitamins A and E, zinc, aloe, etc.). I have tried autologous serum eye drops but they are expensive and involve a 5-hour round trip drive. Currently I prick my finger twice per day with a diabetic lancet and put the blood directly into my eye, and it works as well as the serum as far as I know. Eye wash with fresh urine helps a lot, but I can only do this two or three times a day or it causes irritation. Steroid drops are like magic, but I can only use them occasionally to prevent side effects. I welcome all ideas and advice!

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    I am going for IPL in May so I can't at this moment speak to whether or not it has helped. Personally I am not basing my decision on whether or not it helped someone else, the research is out there which indicates that if you are a properly screened candidate it often helps and that is good enough for me.

    I recall that one member, Pythonidler, posted that initially it didn't help but after he/she had MG probing the results were much better. If your oils are like cement you might want to look into having that done first so that you don't waste your money on a treatment that could have otherwise helped but didn't, if you get what I mean. It might be a good idea to PM that member and have a bit of a conversation.


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      Before you get IPL done, you should get meibography so that you can ask the doctor if you have scar tissue over your glands. If you have scar tissue, IPL won't be able to clear your glands. In that case, you would have to get probing first in order for IPL to become effective.

      One last thing that is important to know is that manual expression after IPL is very important. The better your doctor can do manual expression, the more you will improve.
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        I had 6 treatments. While it did not help me, I talked to many people in the waiting room over the course of my treatments, and without fail it helped everyone. I think it tends to be very successful.