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    I had been tortured by my right eye as it was so very dry even with the punctual plugs in all 4 ducts. After doing a little research on the net, and calling the dry eye zone, and eco eyes, I am doing better. I have been using the googles at night that keep the eyes moist. I have been told I sleep with my eyes open a bit, and I guess they were drying out quite a bit while I slept. The googles, are ecoeyes and they have pads in them that you soak in warm water and put in your goggles. They really do the job. I am not waking up with corneal abrasions or erosions anymore, although I do get up around 3:30 a.m to make sure they are still moist. I use muro 128% before I go to bed and then if they are dry in the middle of the night I use a bit more and remoisten the pads. It has made a huge difference. Also I am using the panoptx glasses in the daytime when driving or outside. They have a foam seal around them to keep the moisture in and the environmental yuk out. My only problem now is the constant tearing in the day time. But I'd take that over the pain any day. Also using sesame seed oil that I had recommended by my herbalist. I had it compounded at the pharmacy so I won't get any bacteria in them, which was on the suggestion of my opthalmologist, although the herbalist said that the oil was safe the way it was right from the jar. I am so glad for all the dry eye web sites. Doing better, and hope to be able to one day have a couple of the plugs removed.

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    I am very, very happy for your relief, Rocco, and I'm glad you posted for us. It's important to share the good news! I might look into those goggles.

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