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  • Redness again

    Posted a thread about this in the "open" section but made this on aswell. Ok, im 19 years old and have had huge problems with redness in my eyes since i was a young teenager. Can't really remember when it started but when i look at pictures when i was young (up to 10-11 years old) my eyes are white as snow. So sometime something happened. My eyes are ok when i wake up in the morning but gets more red as the day goes. When im in a brite envoirement my eyes get even worse, but only when it comes to artificial light. It's ok to be out in the sun, but as soon as i'm staying in an office or driving the car (why in the car, not artificial light?) it's get worse.
    I do have some problems to have my eyes wide open when im walking because of the draft but i can manage that.

    The reason why i think it has to do with dryness is because it getīs a little better ( a little less red) when i add some artificial tears. But only for a short amount of time and if i keep puting drops in my eyes for a couple of days it seems to stop working. The thing is, im not really troubled with dryness, it's more the redness. But as stated, i do suspect dryness to be the reason behind it because gets better, atleast some, when i put drops in my eyes and when i have my eyes closed (sleeping). Still, if the redness was due to dryness my eyes would be burning like crazy compared to how they looked. Any kind of help would be much appriciated.

    Once again, sorry for my bad english.

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    Hi Tridnod,

    My first thought is that your eyes are probably dry (drier than you think) and you would probably benefit from some aggressive dry eye management for a month or so to see if the redness improves. Use a good artificial tear 5-8 times a day. Use a gel or ointment at night. Use a warm compress twice a day followed by a gentle lid cleansing.

    A typical dry eye is one that feels and looks better in the morning but gets worse as the day goes on. The key is to take the time to care for your eyes so that you get as much comfort as possible throughout the day.

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      Where are you from (just curious). And what kind of drops are you using?
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        From sweden.

        I'v tried both plain artificial drops, like the one u use for lenses and gels aswell.
        I have also tried alot of combinations with night drops and day drops att the same time but i do not feel/see any difference at all.
        Sometimes it feels like it actually gets worse when i add drops.
        I should also mention that my eyelids sometimes get really soared when i blink. I had this for so long so i can't really tell what is a "normal" feeling in the eyes.
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          If it dry eyes that causes the redness, maybe someone could help me out what it's alla about, cuz i didn't have it when i was really young but i got it when i was about 12 years old and had it since. I've heard about allergy that could damage the lipid stuff (don't know what you call it in english), maybe that could have something to do with it.
          I have an appointment with my doctor so i probebly get som answers by then but it will probebly take some time before i get passed on to a specialist. Just glad that i live in a country where healthcare is free.


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