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  • Severe Dry Eyes Finding Relief Here!

    I hope my experience will help you! I'm new to this forum and so glad that I've found this website. As a sufferer of the worst case of dry eyes that my Ophalmologist had seen about 10 years ago (I had Eye Laser Surgery to correct nearsightedness), I've gone through more difficult days and nights of pain, grittiness and lack of sleep and than I care to think about. I have probably tried every artificial tear formulation on the market and every strategy possible to obtain some kind of dry eye relief. Some have helped, most have not. Sometimes I have through a few good months,then sometimes my dry eyes are absolutely intolerable. Lately it has been quite bad and I have been so scared of eventually going blind from all the wear and tear on my retinas.

    Then I found this website (and immediately knew it would help as a few years ago I was using Dakrina and Dwelle as they were the ONLY drops on the market that would give me any relief at all- thanks to Dr. Frank Holly, the inventor of these drops!!). For the last few years, I had incorrectly thought that these drops weren't on the market anymore until now (long story). Then Rebecca (an angel for dry eye sufferers I must say), sent me Dakrina, Dwelle and TranquilEye Hydrating Goggles almost a month ago. After using these for just a few days, I finally started to sleep through most nights without any sticking and pain anymore. It's been years since I've had decent night of sleep!!! I'm so very happy and relieved to have found this!

    However, there are times that the goggles come off during the night, when that happens, I experience some dryness in the morning still. But everyday that goes by, my eyes seems to be feeling better and better during the day and night. Once in a while, I wear them for just 15 - 20 minutes or so, then take them off when falling asleep because it just bothers me to wear them every night. Between using the drops and the Tranquileye Goggles, I'd say my eyes feel about 85% better during the day and night. This is a small miracle for me! I truly hope you find relief too by trying the above or from whatever you find from this site that works for you!
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    Hi Lisa!

    Welcome to Dry Eye Talk! I'm sorry to hear about all of your suffering, but am glad to hear that you seem to be finding some relief recently. My dryness is from lasik too, but I'm only about 9-months out. It is so nice to hear stories of people getting relief from their symptoms. I do agree that this site is great for sharing information and getting support! Anyway, welcome and thanks for sharing. I hope that your relief with your eyes continues!



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      Thanks Shelley!

      Just wanted to mention also that other brand that I'm using is Refresh Endura . I've found this to be really effective too. I normally switch back and forth between my top two eye drops as my eyes seem to respond better this way. So it's Dakrina for day, Dwelle for night for 2 months, then Refresh Endura for day and night for 2 months.

      Also, before getting the goggles, when my eyes were super dry, I would put a warm damp cloth over my eyes before sleeping for about 10 minutes. It helped a lot but I've found the Tranquileye goggles much more convenient and effective for keeping the "moisture chamber" on longer.

      Anyways, really hoping your that eyes are feeling good!



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        Thanks for sharing your good news, Lisa P!
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          Hi Lisa P

          My wife just got the tranquileye today and just finished trying them out. Have a question maybe you can help? She doesn't feel heat and only a little moisture she tried soaking them and made them pretty hot but still little heat. Any thoughts or suggestions?


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            There's nothing that heats in tranquil eyes, not that I remember. Just the warmth of the water until that dissipates. They keep your eyes moist, and any warmth would just come from body heat. Another plus they have is they will help keep your eyes shut, in case your eyes have a tendency to open up a big while you sleep.
            Unless you brought a different product than the tranquil eyes I bought several years ago??? Did they advertise heat?


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              Hi Miguel,

              I'm not sure if this is what you mean, but is she not feeling the heat because the pads don't actually set up against her eyes? When I bought it I was expecting it to actually touch my eyelids, kind of like a warm compress does. However, I'm not sure if it is just because I have a small face, but the pads didn't touch my eyes, and it wasn't doing what I expected it too. For me, it just works like a moisture chamber, like jcorbett mentioned. It just keeps warm or cool moisture surrounding your eye. I never really felt intense cool or heat though.



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                The idea as I understand it is

                To not keep heat next to your eyes, but to create a closed chamber with humidity in it that will keep your eyes from being exposed to air, ceiling fans, etc. I soak my pads in very warm water in a clean paper cup. Then I put them in and put them directly on my eyes. If you wait they will cool off. When I wake up the water in the pads is cool but still there. They have worked for me for almost three years now. Another thing I like is to run cold water on the pads to take down any swelling. (if I've been crying or having allergy problems) And wear these about 15 min.


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                  Where do I buy Dakrina and Dwelle? And does Biosyntryx work?




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                    Hi there,

                    Dwelle and Dakrina are in the Dry Eye Shop - click on the link or click on Dry Eye Shop at the top of the screen.

                    If you do a forum search on Biotears you'll find that there are several fans here. Also, try the Nutritional Supplements forum for more.
                    Rebecca Petris
                    The Dry Eye Zone


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                      Thank you Rebecca. So those i can't get in strores it sounds like? What about the biotears? I didn't see them sold on the website i posted. Wonder if they are in any store? I wish I knew what to try. Paid so much for stuff OTC that has not worked. What has worked for you Rebecca? And do any of these do more than temporarily aid with the symptoms? Have you tried Restasis? Are you the board owner? Thank you!!!


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                        Originally posted by Vicki In Oregon
                        So those i can't get in strores it sounds like? What about the biotears?
                        They are in some stores, but none in Oregon. yet.
                        Re: Biotears, see my other post, you can get it from the Biosyntrx website.

                        What has worked for you Rebecca?
                        What I do varies from time to time, but typically includes:
                        - lid hygiene and warm compresses to keep mgd under control
                        - Dwelle, Dakrina and NutraTear eyedrops as needed (typically NT during day and Dwelle or Dakrina at night/morning)
                        - Saline rinses when my eyes are very sensitive
                        - Omega 3 supplement
                        - Recently I was fitted with scleral lenses which are excellent.

                        Are you the board owner?
                        Technically, yes. I like to think of it as belonging to all of you participants.
                        Rebecca Petris
                        The Dry Eye Zone


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                          can the tranquil lenses be purchased anywhere else for less expensive? And how do i know which to buy? And how exactly do they work? And what was the other thing you mentioned Rebecca that is like them but cheaper? something that was a few bucks?
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