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Popped eye blood vessel

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  • Popped eye blood vessel

    Well I seem to have woken up this morning with a popped blood vessel, I am very unhappy as I have to go to work like this today.

    To summarize, I have blepharitis and dry eyes, have not been able to find a good eye dr to help me with this thing.

    I have not had a popped blood vessel in almost a year, and Im not quite sure what brings them on. My eyes always look a bit red from the blood vessels but i have kinda gotten used to it. I can also never wear eye makeup b.c my eyes are so darn sensitive. This weekend i attended a wedding and wore eye makeup and i wonder if thats what caused it. I just dont feel like its fair i have to deal with this at such a young age, i mean wearing makeup sometimes is nice when you go out, and i always have to worry bout how i will look in the morning if i do.........great cant wait to go to work and have everyone look at me......

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    No Expert but I wouldnt have thought the make up alone would cause you to burst a blood vessel - more likely to just irritate and maybe flare up the blepharitis a bit.


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      Yeah i think that may be it, but its no fair that I can never wear any makeup.


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        Try a search on 'makeup' on the bulletin boards... several people have posted about brands (like Avon) and specific products that seem to be dry eye friendly.
        Rebecca Petris
        The Dry Eye Zone


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          Popped eye vessel

          You may have just got this because your eyes were dry....I've had these numerous times and usually it's associated with when my eyes were real dry.

          I think the dryness puts a strain on the eyeball which causes broken veins. My eye dr. says this "may be possible" but they never seem to really know.

          I'd be curious to see if others with dry eyes have an increase in these popped vessels. They certainly are no fun.


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            "Popped" vessel

            I several dilated eye veins, but none have every "popped". Does this mean the whites of your eye look bloody? How long does it take before it clears? I have several vessels that look so dilated I think they look like they want to pop.


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