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Running out of options!

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  • Running out of options!

    I have posted on here once or twice before, but I'm always looking for new solutions.
    Here goes:

    I've been wearing contacts since I was 10 years old (20 years!). I've always some mild dry eye, but drops always seemed to help. I never even addressed the concern with my eye dr. since I assumed it came with the wearing contact lens territory.
    About 3 months, dry eye hit me - hard. It's mainly in my left eye. I have been told that I have both an aquaeous defiency and an evaporative tear condition.
    My lower puncta are plugged. I've tried pataday (did nothing), warm compresses (help for about 10 minutes), every artificial drop in the pharmacy (again, helps for about 5 minutes).

    I have been on a Restasis/Lotemax combo for about a week now with no results.
    I am taking fish oil supplements and drinking tons of water.

    The main problem is the severe redness in my left eye. My eye is so bloodshoot that by noon I am embarrassed to leave my office. I also have a very "heavy" sensation that I can feel down the left side of my face on bad days.

    Even on "good" days, my left is bloodshot and swollen. Not sure what else to do at this point.

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    I was told that the Restasis takes at least 6 months to begin working. The Lotemax should help with the inflammation. I really like the Thera Tear eye drops. They provide me with more relief than all the others.


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      I thought the Lotemax would at least work in the short-term, but it seems to have no effect. I'm so confused


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        I'm assuming you've stopped contact wear. That's the first step. Not saying you won't be able to wear them again, I wore glasses for a year after my dry eye started and I can wear contacts again now.

        Make sure you aren't overdoing the eye drops. They will make it 10x worse if you're constantly putting those drops in your eyes. I would try Systane Balance. That's the drop I use and it does wonders for me.

        Also I know it's hard but try not to concentrate on it. Don't check your eyes on every reflective surface. Obsessing over it will in fact make it worse and harder to cope with.

        Good luck!


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