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Sudden mild blurry it due to Celluvisc Drops ?

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  • Sudden mild blurry it due to Celluvisc Drops ?

    Recently had an eye infection for a week which is now getting better and didnt use any antibiotics to clear it..

    But in the last few days i have been trying celluvisc preservative free drops to rid of the gritty feeling in my eyes which is getting better now but in the lst 2 days i noticed my vision isnt as sharp sometimes and more effort is needed to focus especially on nearfield vision and also its like a dazzled effect as well

    Is this a side effect of celluvisc or is it due to blepharitis or even the eye infection, also i have been gettin a lot of muscle twitching in my infected left eye.

    Thanks my fellow dry eye community
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    I have blepharitis and it seems to effect my vision a lot. I seem to get hazy vision and my night driving becomes worst the more my eyes feel swollen. I think it might just be that the tear film is not right.


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