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Eye symptoms feel better while sick!

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  • Eye symptoms feel better while sick!

    Was wondering if anyone else have noticed their eye symptoms feel relatively better while sick. Am running a stomach upset for last couple of days and eye symptoms feel relatively better. I am assuming after that gets better eyes will probably start to feel worse again. Thanks

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    I was wondering the same thing today! I have been sick with bronchitis the last several days. Ironically, when the symptoms began to present, my eyes began to feel better. I am on some meds that are drying me out and one would think they would have a negative impact on my eyes, but the reverse is happening. I can't figure it out. Maybe the restasis I started back in September is finally kicking in! I am hoping this is not a fluke and I will continue to feel better.


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      Good to know Linda, I am not alone! I am afraid that these changes are not permanent...I was advised by primary doc to off all these oral meds including fish oil, doxy and eating very little to turn around this stomach problem. Am using substantially less amount of tear spite of that very little eye pain, no redness, burning etc. This is too good to be permanent. I am thinking that the body has just turned its focus elsewhere and busy fighting there; once that is over it will turn its focus back to eye and misery starts again. Enjoy the break as long as it lasts!


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        These are the catarrhal symptoms of your cold

        Yes, I experience the same relief of eye symptoms when sick and many others do also. I have heard other posters give theories, but I think these are the catarrhal symptoms of the common cold. Catarrhal symptoms are:

        teary eyes, sneezing, fatigue, poor appetite, and an extremely runnynose, etc.

        Since you have more moisture on your eyes during this phase, they feel better.


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          Maybe a unicist homeopath can explain it, by the little i know about homeopathy.
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            For the first time since my dry eyes symptoms have begun, i got sick (throat inflammation). I don't know if it is just a coincidence, but since the second day of throat sickness my eyes are better. I'm in the fourth day without drops (but keeping wearing my Wile-X in the workplace and where there is AC). I'm using no medicine at all. I have no catarrhal symptoms of the commom cold like teary eyes or runnynose.
            Yesterday i had an appointment with an ophthalmologist, he made the TBUT test and the result was 13 seconds, what is normal, or at least not a dry eye result.. (the TBUT tests i did in november all were less than 10 seconds).

            I asked him, even before the TBUT, if there is something to do with (another) inflamantion that my body is responding to. For his answer (or lack of answer), he couldn't find any reason, or correlation.
            I will ask my homeopath, next monday, about it.


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              even tho colds suck everytime i get one my eyes feel great... i guessits the mucous?


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                well i have a different view on this.
                my eyes start getting worse when m onset of getting fever. worsen conditions last until fever goes off. i get bad after almost once or twice a year.. i have experienced it everytime!
                Really need to be a ROCK to take the pain!


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                  I had an appointment yesterday with my unicist homeopath. And yes, they have an explanation for that. But if it's difficult to me trying to explain it in portuguese, let alone in english.
                  Anyway, i think the explanation is of no use for us.
                  But it has to do with the problems of the organism flowing through a graver disease. She cited the example of some people who have gotten cancer and have been free from bronchitis since then.
                  Probably for us a flu is not a graver disease than our destroy-lives-dry-eyes. But i think that, biologically speaking, a flu is graver, in the sense that it may kill while dry eyes may "only" blind.