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    Hi friends,

    I haven't posted in a while. It's been a good ten years since the first symptoms of dry eyes started and definitely a long road to full recovery. But I have never given up! My first treatment included a wide array of steroid drops, which eventually led to a trial of Restasis. Symptoms of dry eye still remained, but not only that, a miniscule scar started to develop on my bottom left iris. Eventually, I was later referred to an oculoplastic surgeon who would perform bilateral eyelid tarsorraphy to curtail the exposure of my eye (Problem: I wasn't able to anatomically blink properly *still cant*). Well, it's been 4 years since I've had the surgery, and the graft to provide structure under my lower eyelid has dissipated, which means back to square one.

    The past two years have been especially difficult. I wasn't very diligent in administering drops to moisten the eye and I wasn't blinking enough. Further, I was working in front of a computer for one year without taking care of my eyes...(I suppose because I got so used to the condition that I didn't even bother anymore). As a result, my scar on my bottom left iris grew larger and now I'm facing repercussions for it. Here is a link for two pictures of my left eye:

    What really woke me up to get back to healing was when I experienced pain on my left eye (where the scar is). The pain is slowly subsiding but I'm no where near where I used to be. Also, I recently made it my decision to quit my job so I can focus on healing. I will start treatment on serum drops soon and hopefully they work out.

    My regimen isn't too complicated. Everyday I make sure to drink plenty of water, a teaspoon of Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega, 6 mg astaxanthin pill, blinking, rest from computer and general eye straining activities, and positive thinking!

    I'm a bit worried though about my scarring and was wondering if any of you had advice regarding this matter. I do not want it to expand and I'm scared it might take over my vision. In fact, I feel like I'm the only one who has this? (couldn't find it on any other post). Anyway, your thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated!

    Take Care!

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