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    Hi all,

    I have a history of dry eyes since I was about 17 years old. I had bad skin and took two courses of accutane, and every sunny holiday that I went on I would suffer from sore, dry eyes, and constantly have to blink & squint to try to cope.

    During my teenage years and later my twenties, I used to drink heavily on weekends, and this made the condition worse. I hated air conditioned places, and working in offices on computers for my day to day job probably didnt help the condition.

    I went through a period of a couple of years using eye drops, and thought this was helping me, but upon retrospect it didnt do my eyes any good at all.

    Nowadays my diet is a lot cleaner, I exercise regularly, and I can actually cope when away in windy, hot places. I use sunglasses quite often when its hot and this helps, and I make sure that my diet contains a lot of Omega 3 oils, and I think this also helps too.

    I work many hours a day in front of a pc, and my eyes tend to be redder because of this, and I have to actually force myself to blink more, as its a true fact that you blink less when looking at computer screens.

    I make sure that I get enough daylight and give my skin and eyes enough exposure to daylight as I think that hiding away from the sun actually makes things worse.

    Looking back, the two courses of accutane coupled with a unhealthy lifestyle excasberbated my condition, but nowadays I think I manage it well.



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