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Ocular burns by UVC germicidal lamp (ultraviolet type C) in Biosafety Cabinet

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  • Ocular burns by UVC germicidal lamp (ultraviolet type C) in Biosafety Cabinet


    I am a brazilian student of Masters Degree in Botany. Unfortunately, on August 8, 2011, I had accident with UVC germicidal lamp (ultraviolet type C) during my researchs in biological cabinet (not secure). Thank God I see perfectly, but I have dry eye and photophobia. I had loss at least of goblet cells (detected by rose bengal - other vivid stainings did not work very well - and impression cytology) and of central retinal function (only detected by the multifocal electroretinogram - mfERG). The "full field electroretinography" and other routine exams to the retina didn't detect any abnormality. I advise anyone who suspects that have been photokeratoconjunctivitis (ocular burns caused by light, any frequency, ultraviolet or not) to do the "multifocal electroretinography (mfERG)".

    I think I was exposed to 20 minutes, because I did not realize that the germicidal lamp was lit. Half hours after I left the biological cabinet, I felt a strong transient stinging in my eyes and in my skin, was when I realized that I accidentally leave ignited the germicidal lamp and fluorescent lamp simultaneously. When this occurs is not possible to perceive germicidal lamp ignited, because the white light of fluorescent lamp encumbered pink light of germicidal lamp . Next day I woke up with drastic reduction of rheum (gum). The doctor said it was nothing and that I should not worry. The first 4 days I did not have any symptoms, beyond the reduction of rheum. Gradually were appearing symptoms such as dry eye and photophobia. Currently I almost no produce gum and I've been to over 15 doctors. I've used various eyedrops, but no very effective ... Even I have used the so-called Restasis .... Currently I using autologous serum, methylcellulose and doxycycline, but nothing significant yet.

    I've heard of several accidents like this, mostly reversible in the first 2 days, but it seems that the contributing factor was the extremely low humidity that day (12%). Radiation is more violent!

    I think that ultraviolet light caused mutations in the cells of the retina, increasing the number of heterochromatin (condensed regions of DNA that are not synthesizing proteins or other information). These articles describe this:
    I think it also may have been mutations with the cells of the ocular surface, ie, there was formation of heterochromatin and these mutated cells failed to express at least part of its function, thereby giving rise to dry eye. Maybe that's why the treatments aren't very effective with me and people with the same type of accident. After all, permanetemente mutated cells can't regenerate healthy tissues! This is just a theory, because I also think that the ocular surface may be dry as a result of neuronal damage of the ocular surface, as occurs in lasik surgery. Also I believe That many people with dry eye, are Victims of broken metal halide bulbs, but never knew or will know it!

    I met too a girl who has the same symptoms as me. It's been eight years that she had an accident with the UVC light of a transilluminator.

    I need help! I use sunglasses even at night!
    My quality of life has deteriorated a lot and I need to stop the Masters Degree.

    sorry my english...



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    There is an old thread which talks about UV light burns to the eye. I hope you will find some useful information here. I am sorry to hear of your accident . . . time can heal many injuries.


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      I saw this topic.
      thanks for considerations!