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My Eyes Went to Hell

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  • My Eyes Went to Hell

    So around this time last year, I was sitting at work and felt like I had a tear on the rim of my contact. I didn't have my glasses, so I made the mistake of rubbing my eye all day. That made my eye very painful, and I had to stop wearing my contacts. I saw an eye doctor, who gave me antibiotics. My eye started to get better, and was able to wear contacts for only a few days when they both began to hurt and appeared constantly bloodshot. I went back to the doctor, who told me that my eyes were actually very dry. Since then, I've pretty much been haunted by my severe eye dryness and pain to the point that I had to quit my job.

    I'm now on Restasis, with punctal plugs in my lower lids. I've had pink, swollen, clogged-eyelash-pore eyelids that I was told to keep clean and do hot compresses on, which has helped slightly. I did test low-positive for Sjogren's, but I have no other symptoms (other than my eyes), so the doctors have kind of ruled that out as a cause.

    My eyes open at night, which was causing a rim of damage along the surface of my eye that was exposed at night. I've tried all the different sleep goggles and masks, but have lately started taping them shut; it seems to work better, although it hurts my skin.

    I recently went to a resident who told me that the underside of my eyelids was bumpy and irritated, and told me that I may be allergic to something in the air. He gave me two weeks of medicated eyedrops to help, and they feel ice cold when I apply them, but I'm not sure they've done anything for me yet.

    I'm feeling really hopeless and frustrated. My eyes are very dry, red and painful with no apparent cause. I don't mean to seem vain, but my eyes have always been my best feature, and I used to get almost daily compliments about them. I wore contacts constantly because my vision is so poor (-10), but now have been relegated to comically thick glasses that are so strong I'm constantly disoriented. I don't look people in the eye anymore.

    I'm taking omega 3, flaxseed, lutein, vitamin e, and a multivitamin. I've been doing acupuncture for a few weeks but haven't seen an improvement from it.

    One of my doctors, whom I saw last week, told me that my condition would only become worse. My life has already gone so downhill from it, that hearing it would never improve, only worsen, has made me extremely depressed.

    I use preservative free eye drops, and recently have started putting them in a lot more often than before. It feels great at first, but then it seems like my eyes get even drier afterwards. Can eyedrops make it worse?

    I just need a little insight from people who've had more experience. Any advice? Does this sound familiar to anyone?

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    What about a large bandage lense to protect your eye from your eyeball. If a doctor can't help you to to a university. They are up to date. I am sorry this is horrible. I cry a lot over this.


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      Originally posted by Tanner View Post
      What about a large bandage lense to protect your eye from your eyeball. If a doctor can't help you to to a university. They are up to date. I am sorry this is horrible. I cry a lot over this.
      I couldn't get an appt with my eye doctor until the end of May, but I've compiled two pages of notes for things to ask about! I did ask her about a scleral lens before, but she wanted to see if punctal plugs and Restasis helped first.

      Honestly, the thing that gets me down the most is the fact that I'm stuck with these giant disorienting glasses. If I could go back to being a lens wearer my life would improve dramatically. I have disposable contact lenses that I can wear for 4-6 hours at a time, but they make my eyes so much redder than they are with glasses that I feel just as self-conscious. It must be because they soak up moisture and sit on the cornea.

      Today I read about Vitamin A and B2 deficiency, and the symptoms sound very familiar to me - I realized that I'm not getting these anywhere in my diet, and they're not in the multivitamin I've been taking. I just bought a few bottles at Whole Foods and took a large dose of each; I'm going to continue that dose for a few weeks and look for an improvement.

      It's funny, but after browsing the forum for hours yesterday I realized I was using drops way too often, and have consciously cut down to 4-6 times a day like my doctor recommended. I actually feel better using less!


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        I'm no doctor, but this is a guess. Contact lenses are a recent phenomenon. I remember when they were first popular (1970s). We now have a group of people who have been wearing them for 40+ years. Some people who have worn their contacts full time for years are experiencing symptoms of dry eye. The problem, I think, is that the contact lens desensitizes the surface of the eye that sends the signal for the eye to make more tears. After a long time of this, the eye is just not making as many tears as it should.

        Anyway, you 'might' have a problem with the surface of your eye (conjunctiva). Eyedrops may help, but if you don't get relief, you may have to see an eye specialist. I had to do that with my problem.


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          I just wanted to add that I started an online log of my eye symptoms and the treatments I'm trying.

          Maybe it'll help a few people I'm hoping to significantly improve my symptoms by the summer!

          You can read it here!
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