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Sticky eyes since november 2006 the having PRK

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  • Sticky eyes since november 2006 the having PRK

    When I was in the military I had PRK done. within days I felt my eyelids sticking to my eyeballs when I woke up in the morning. After a couple weeks my medical officer (mo) gave m this tube of stuff called muro to sleep in. It serves a lubricant for my eyes when I sleep. it helped a little. When I was discharged a service rep with the Department of Veterans affairs went through all of my medical records and noticed that it was full of dry eye complaints. so he recomended that I put in for it for a service connection disability. So I did and within three months the VA denied my claim. Fast foward 39 months and I finally got awared this as my disability claim. It took me going to a civialian opthamalogist to help me get added evidence to give to the VA, pictures that my wife took when I tear my corneas, and a call to my congressman to finally get my case to a federal appeals judge for the VA out of Washington D.C.
    The VA has put me on restasis a little over a year ago. I sleep in goggles with muro in my eyes every night. Most nights I am ok, but at least once a week I feel them stick and tear as I open my eyes. Most of the time it is small and after a couple hours I can see again. The worst was four years ago, I tore my cornea so bad after 5 days of not being able to see I went to the Emergency Room because it started to feel like there might be an infection in my eye. I am hoping to find out some more information. While my eyes have seemed to stabalized the past year and a half the problem has not gotten better. The VA always tells me that within a year it will go away. Well that was several years ago.
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