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Started after I changed up my diet

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  • Started after I changed up my diet

    Hello. I am new. I've been trying to read the other threads but my putah time is limited--something most of you can probably agree with. I find if I stay away from the putah and the TV, the dry eyes are manageable, or go sit outside.

    At the beginning of March, since I'm a saltaholic, I got the bright idea to lower the sodium in my diet to 2500MG a day. It must've been some crash, huh? Going from lord-knows-what a day to 2500MG. Anyway, of course I lost a lot of fluid I'd been retaining from the sodium. Lo and behold, I wound up with dry eye at the end of March.

    One evening I was watching Murdoch Mysteries and I felt as if I had something in my eye. By Monday they were bone dry. Talk about panic!

    I wasn't sure what was going on, so I went to see the doctor. She said it was allergies and an infection, so she gave me some eye antibiotics and an allergy drop. Of course the dry eye persisted so I started reading around here, wondering if I also had dry eye.

    I called my eye doctor and set up an appointment. She said it could be the salt crash and to add salt back to my diet. So I did. She also mentioned antihistamines can dry out the eye. I told her I'd been taking certizine for my eczema for the past maybe eight years.

    I tried to stop taking the cetrizine and wound up with the horrible itch of doom. I experienced this on a biz trip to Toronto when I forgot my antihistamine. Three days without it and I was scratching like mad. So I researched this and found out thousands and thousands of people all developed this horrible horrible horrible itching after they stopped taking cetrizine. Some managed to punch through and the unbearable itch stopped after two weeks to three months.

    I'm trying to wean myself off of the antihistamine now. I started this two weeks ago. The eye doctor told me to take TheraTears, which I'm doing. She also told me to take in lots of Omega 3. So I'm taking the TheraTears nutrition pills. I'm also eating so much salmon I'm going to start swimming pretty quick.

    When I walk the dogs in the morning for an hour, I find relief being outside. If I'm distracted, like cleaning, it's manageable. It's just this computer and TV that can be trying. This is scary because I am a writer. All I can think of is there goes my writing dream.

    I've been taking the TheraTears for two weeks now. The doctor did put these plugs in my lower inner eyes that dissolved. Those didn't help. They were just annoying.

    So yeah. Don't fix what isn't broken aka change your diet! I had to insert a lil joke like that. If I don't make jokes, I'll go crazy from this dry eye.

    I'm hoping once I manage to get off the cetrizine I'll find relief.

    Some days are good, some days are very bad. Today is a "it sorta sucks but it's not as bad as yesterday" day.

    I never thought I'd break down and cry from frustration but I did yesterday. I cut my antihistame pills from 20MG to 15MG. I'm hoping to cut the 1/4 tablets I alread cut into another half, so I'll take 1/2 and 1/4 the following week.

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