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One eye more problematic then the other..

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  • One eye more problematic then the other..

    Is it common to have one eye that seems to be much more problematic then the other. My left eye seems to be the eye with the most problems while my right eye is not that bad. Does anyboby else have one eye worst then the other, and did a doctor ever give you an explanation to way this happens..

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    Yes, my left eye is worse than my right. The day after I had lasik I could not read 20/20 in my left eye and the doc said it was really dry. It has stayed really dry, more so than my right. I never thought to ask why.
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      Yep if my right eye was as good as my left eye I wouldn't be posting on here!


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        My left eye is definitely the worst. I can feel more subtle changes in my left than my right and it's prone to more erosions and infections. It really drew the short straw! I try to be aware of putting the same amount of drops in both eyes - I thought at one stage that I may be putting less in my left, but I don't seem to have a definite preference for which eye I put drops into first and I squeeze the same amount out of the vial both times.
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          My left eye used to be my "bad eye." However, when I had cauterization done on both eyes the left eye became the "good eye." The left eye becomes bad only when I need to tighten the strap on my tranquil eyes. The left eye doesn't close properly when I sleep and will dry out without the pressure of the goggle pad.


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