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  • My New Regime

    Hi Everyone! Hope ur all doing better than I am. My doctor put me on Doxy 100 mg, two weeks ago to address my lid inflammation, so I decided to go back on Restasis hoping to turbocharge the fight against the inflammation in my eyes, however since I started it again things have gotten SO much worse. It was a bad plan to put myself back on these drops, they burn and make my eyes red. I see more inflammation now... I think from now on I'm gunna take it more easy with my eyes. Just use warm compresses, alrex when needed and keep on the doxy. I wish I could stick out the Restasis but it really doesnt seem to agree with me! Did neone else have to get off it due to making things worse?

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    Hi Faith, I was just thinking the doc never tried topical antibacterials? And wondering what tear substitutes you're on. And whether you're taking fish/flaxseed oils? And whether you would try punctal plugs?
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      I already have both upper and lower plugs. He hasn't tried anything topical yet... I think he's hoping the Doxy will work. The Restasis is just burning to badly and making the inflammation stand out more ( which cant be right lol). I've gotten this under control before so I am hoping to do it again... I do take fish oils twice daily and use Refresh preservative free tears.


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        The usual eye drops made things worse to me. They gave me some minutes of relief, if so, but i was getting worse through the weeks and months. Then i decided stopping using them.


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