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My Dry Eye Story, Etc.

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  • My Dry Eye Story, Etc.

    Thank you for this wonderful site where we can learn so much and empathize and share our pain as well as our joys with others. Okay, I needed to get this off my chest so here is my story:

    I was diagnosed with DES back around 1998. I had been wearing contacts since around 1983 or so. Had plugs placed in lower puncta, then upper, then had upper plugs removed as too many tears down my face. Dr. could not find left lower plug at checkup several years later (still hasn't); but my left eye began running and dripping and was quite a nuisance so I had an exploratory surgery. Then I followed with two DCR left lacrimal duct surgeries; both failed. First time the job not completed(?), resulted in many infections, a torn puncta (OUCH) and steroid-induced glaucoma, creating a "false passageway" (according to the next eye surgeon). The second time seemed to work, then I built up scar tissue, which again blocked the duct. My regular ophthalmologist worked thru this all with me, treated the steroid-induced glaucoma successfully, along with the many infections. I went to another specialist ($525) to be told my canaliculi is permanently closed and that the Jones tube is my answer but that it is not a pretty picture and that you basically become married to your eye surgeon...

    Anyway, my eye drips a lot, more than ever before, and I've had many many infections so I may need to do the tube before long. My dry eyes are up and down, with redness, burning and light sensitivity. I use Restasis, Refresh plus eye drops, baby shampoo to remove eye makeup, HOT water soaks when I can, etc. I now have blepharitis of the meibomian glands, floaters, along with dry eye, etc. For the last four months I've been on meds (Doxycycline for 3 months, plus eyedrop antibiotics) for either the blepharitis, conjunctivblepharitis, and infection of my left punctum... I've now been on Blephamide for 1.5 weeks with three to go (left eye only). This contains prednisone and an antibiotic, so I have to gradually go off this.

    I just ordered and received Dwelle and Dakrina eyedrops, but thought I would wait til I'm done with the Blephamide to see if any noted improvements occur. I've read on this site of "N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine and Glutathione Supplement (1 tablet once per day)", but have not located this combined supplement via the web, yet. All in all, today, I've used Blephamide in left eye once, refresh plus in both twice, Restasis in both and it is 8:47 a.m.... One day at a time.... Thanks for listening and best wishes for all of you with these issues and much worse issues....

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    Judy sorry I cannot help you, sounds like you have been through sooo much. My problems happened overnight 2 months ago so I am still learning. But I can tell you that you can get that supplement on here:

    I personally just take L-Cysteine and a Acetyl L Carnitine and hope it does something for me. I take tons of other supplements too and thinking i should try biotears supplement next perhaps.

    Welcome to the board.


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      Hi Vicki,

      Thank you for your kind words. I just bookmarked the website for the supplement, more money, right! Oh well, I might need to bite the bullet and order some.

      I tried BioTears for two months and could not notice a difference, but with so many things going on with my eyes right now, it may not have been a fair test and many people on this site attest to it.

      You've been thru some real struggles and QUICKLY so you are in my prayers that things get better and better!


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        Judy you sound like a sweetheart I am so sorry you are dealing with this too. I like vitacost in that they charge just $5 shipping no matter the weight which is why I try to buy all at once but I always forget something! I got a $10 off next purchase through some company affiliated with vitacost. So hopefully you will get one too in your e-mail. Not sure if you have to buy a certain amount. I have been trying to get friends to order with me to split the shipping cost but that does not always work. There are Theratears supplements and Theralife in addition to the Biotears. Have you tried either? I am not sure which to try next. Wish Bio had worked for you I am considering it. Not the PLUS though because I wont take anything with DHEA in it. Theralife has some interesting ingredients in it but Theratears is just fish oils it seems which you can get anywhere. I wonder if their particular combination and amounts make them worth the extra $.


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          Hi Vicki,

          Thanks for the good info. I tried the Theratears supplement quite a while back, did not really notice any results. I can't remember from all the threads I've read whether you are on Restasis or not, but that was a real breakthrough for me. There was definite improvement for me with Restasis. You might want to check it out. I'd like to try the Clarymist spray on the eyelids. I wonder if it is available in the states. Hmmm. Someone at work gave me four samples of Optique 1 which is a Homeopathic eye drop. I'm not certain it helped me. Has anyone else had any success with this?


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            Hi Judy. Will have to look into Clarymist spray. What is it suppose to do? I still am not sure how to do these lid scrub deals and stuff. I have been on Restasis a couple weeks now. How long before you saw results of any kind? So glad it helped you. Sounds like it did not help enough though? I dont even still know my exact diagnosis so i dont know if it will help my particular problem. I know my tears are not quality and it appears maybe there are not enough but the docs say differen things. I know the lower plugs alone is not at all enough. Have you tried Theralife?


            Cant remember which it was but one popular dry eye supp has DHEA in it and I need to stay away from that. I was cosnidering trying Biotears but it did not work for i am not sure. Do they offer $ back at all if you use it a month and it does not help you?


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              Hi Vicki,

              The Clarymist spray is sprayed on top of your eyelids at a certain distance and is supposed to help dry eyes. They say it can even be used with makeup if you spray it at the right distance away. There is discussion of this product on another forum, but I can't remember which one (there are so many!!). Here is the address for the product: It took a couple months of being on Restasis for the results to be noticeably better. I think now that I have blepharitis, when it acts up, it makes your eyes even dryer. Also some of the meds for bleph tend to dry your eyes. I have not tried Theralife, but I'm on Omega 3 oil vitamins and some other individual supplements now and I think I need to hold off on more supplements. I'm not sure about BioTears having a money-back guarantee, but they certainly do have many happy customers. If you go to their website, you can read some of the reviews (some are from eye docs also)... Keep the faith! It is amazing the things we are learning thru the dry eye zone, isn't it?


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                hi Judy, did the clarymist work for you? I dont think we can get it here. how did you get blepharitis? So Restasis helped you but not much?
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                  Hi Vicki in Oregon

                  I have not tried Clarymist yet, but I live in Florida so am wondering if we can get it here... My opth seems to think I got the Blepharitis from my eye surgeries (indirectly). Yesterday and today they have been DRIVING ME CRAZY. I'm not at work today due to possible tropical storm/hurricane but it appears we will just get 40 mph winds with 60 mph gusts in the next couple hours. I'd best get off the computer for awhile. Restasis was more helpful at first than now, but I think my dry eyes have gotten worse. I certainly hope your eyes get better soon and that it is JUST TEMPORARY for you! This is not fun. When I start reading of others on the website with much worse ailments, I should feel blessed.


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