Sometimes I check out opthalmologist ratings on doc review sites, and anyway...

My first, and most terrible, eye doc experience was with an opthalmologist who turned out to have a really bad reputation (via word of mouth amongst local GPs and patients in my home town) for being EXTREMELY rude, not explaining anything, dismissive, etc, not just with dry eye patients but with ALL patients. Follow up with doc review sites later confirmed this. Basically this doc's bedside manner is so bad that it impacts the mental and physical health of patients, because they become extremely upset and won't return for medically necessary follow ups. Plus it costs our health system more in dollars and delays, despite the shortage of eye docs, because people go to see her and then she's so horrible that they just end up waiting and paying for a different doc anyway. We would be much better off as a society if docs like her were banned from practising.

Anyway, this doc was not just extremely rude, she tried to get rid of me without a diagnosis. I'm not just saying she wouldn't give me a proper diagnosis of my dry eye, she was just going to send me packing after my corneal ulcer healed without telling me that my ulcer was from dry eye. She wouldn't give me any further treatment or follow up anyway, I pushed her for a diagnosis and then she just said I had to keep using artificial tears as it was just "blepharitis". Then this doc basically assaulted me. I should have made a complaint about her but I was too in shock. She just tried to reach over and start pulling out a bunch of my eyelashes without asking my permission. I'm already upset at this point. I pull my head back, as I obviously don't want this horrible woman poking at my eyes. So instead of this woman trying to explain what she's trying to do and asking if it's OK, a huge and obvious scowl comes over her face. She makes a really rude remark that I can't remember as I was so upset. Then she GRABS THE BACK OF MY HEAD, and forcibly pulls out a number of my eyelashes. I left in tears.

Anyway the point of this post is... a number of people have posted negative reviews about this doc all reflecting the same concerns about her HORRIFIC bedside manner, lack of explanations and extreme rudeness. What does this doc do when faced with reading these reviews? Umm, she could just decide to try to be a bit nicer, but instead she gets a bunch of people to write all these fake reviews. It's extremely obvious these reviews are fake, not just me being paranoid. There are several early reviews of this doc, obviously true to anyone who's seen her, saying how rude and horrible she is. Then there are a bunch of glowing reviews just gushing about her bedside manner and friendliness. They are all posted within a short period of time, copied across a couple of doc review sites and even if you didn't know what a horrible woman she is, are clearly dodgy/fake and one of them totally factually incorrect. I'm so mad cause I can't do anything about this... imagine how shocked patients would be turning out to see this doc who is supposedly so kind, considerate, spends time with them etc etc and then she turns out to be a total horror.... anyway just needed to vent I guess... I wished patients had a good outlet to complain about this stuff... it seems unless a doc actually kills us they can do whatever they want.