Today I've got an email from my surgeon that she had used Mitomycin C for my PRK surgery and It was 6 months ago. Because my eyes are extreme dry and it's not improve at all after six month so I feel very strange, I do some "research" and now know that using Mitomycin C will induce or exacerbate tear deficiency. I've wrote to her last week to ask her whether or not she use it and she DID.

Im very depressed right now. Last week I went for the 6 months check up, my schirmer test only 3 and 6 (without anesthetic ) and TBUT is only 2 sec and 4 sec. My eyes are hurting all the time. It's really hard to go outside or even to the supermarket to buy things to cook for my husband and kids.
I went to the eyes doctor 2 times and he just gave me artificial tears, which didn't help me at all so I have now use gel drops. Im using gel drops every 1-2 hours to survice. I'm still looking for a day my eyes get better and can live a normal life again.