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Any Tips on getting doctors to prescribe serum?

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  • Any Tips on getting doctors to prescribe serum?

    Hi All,

    I have an appointment with a corneal specialist this week. I will be travelling and paying hotel fees..needless to say this trip is expensive. I have exhausted most options except cautery and serum. I really want to try serum, as I am getting worse on restasis. Does anyone have any tips on how to get this doc to prescribe it? I have put my life on hold, and I am completely miserable. I need something to give me relief besides Lotemax. Any tips would be helpful.

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    HI Faith: A lot is going to depend on the doctor and you are really completely at his mercy. For me it was 'OK you want serum', he grabbed his pad and started scribbling. I think if you explain your circumstances any reasonable Dr should say OK lets give it a try. If not explain that you are aware of a lot of people who have had relief with them and you would really like to try. What I would insist on though is 50% not 'lets try 20% and see how it goes'. I think if he is resistant and you are insistent he will capitulate. Point out that they can't harm you like steroids and that they might help you and that you would really like to try them. From what I have read about where you are going, they compound them right there so I can't think that he will think it is voodoo medicine, he should be in the loop. If it was me I wouldn't worry...good luck....cheers...F/G


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      Thanks, the doc im going to wrote a paper and said "he will prescibe serum if everything else (anti-inflammitories) have failed" Which in my case..they have with the exception of steroids which are the only thing that helps bring my inflammation down. You are lucky you had them prescribed right away! I want to go back to work so I just feel I have a lot riding on this appointment


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