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Mercury/Heavy Metals - new theory after 15 years

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    Slow and gradual. Makes sense. Mine was supposed to be slowish - and since I was doing it at home I could control the frequency. Still, it was too much. Thanks. This is helpful.


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      On this subject of mercury, the new compact fluorescent light bulbs are full of mercury gas. I read a study that claims that since they're bent, most have little cracks in them which makes them much less safe than regular fluorescent bulbs in terms of the mercury and UV.


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        Okay, from the last time I posted two months ago, I didn't follow my own advice. My eyes were feeling so good on the mercury removal program that I thought "if some mercury removal agent is good, more is better." Big mistake. I reduced the frequency of taking DMSA/ALA from every 4 hours to every 3 hours, essentially a 33% increase; that resulted in moving too much mercury and all of my symptoms, including my eye pain, got way worse. I even ended up with horrible stomach problems for the first time. I have subsequently reverted back to my previous frequency of DMSA/ALA every 4 hours, and the positive results have returned. All of my symptoms, including eye pain have diminished.

        What is remarkable is that with my eyes less irritated, the vision has also improved. I used to have really bad peripheral vision and needed glasses with a slight prescription (-0.5/-0.75) for long distance vision. Now, my peripheral vision is excellent and my distance vision has improved and I do not need the glasses.

        I am now 12 months into the mercury removal program and it is making a big difference for my eyes. I have wasted a lot of money seeing naturopaths who gave horrible advice - specifically with respect to DMPS IV's - which should never be taken. The success I have realized has come from following the book "Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatement" by Andy Cutler which I picked up for $40 on Amazon. The book is a fraction of the cost that a naturopath will charge for multiple visits, but it provides the template that has been providing me with relief. A word of caution: Dr. Cutler says mercury does not come out at a reasonable rate and I completely concur. I was on the mercury chelation program for 10 long months until I really saw a meaningful improvement in my eyes.

        For those who may not be reading this thread from the start, all of my problems, including eye pain started 16 years ago after receiving a standard travel vaccine that contained thimerosal (mercury) as a preservative.

        I will try and post an update again within the next few months.

        Good luck.


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          Hi Ronnie,

          Thanks for your update. I have just posted in the triumphs section. I have been detoxing heavy metals (mercury maybe and others) for 1 year now, it's still going but my eyes are ALOT better! Also do is my generally health.

          I did not do chelation but I did it through diet, supplments and saunas and baths to sweat toxins out. I agree that it doesn't come out at a reasonable rate, some times (ussualy if I overdid the bath or something else it would come out to fast and I got healing crisis.

          I did lethargic, thirsty, tired and other symptoms which were manageable the majority of the time. Did you get much comming out in sweat, did it smell metallic? I got droves of it comming out in sweat!!

          I healed my dry eye with nutrition and detoxification. I'm now a Nutritional Therapist at: . Join my dry eye facebook group:


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            Hey, I'm back for the first time in 14 months to post about my process of mercury chelation, which I'm more than two years into, as a means for trying to solve my chronic eye pain I've had since 1997. The update is bad news, followed by good news.

            First the bad news. 2014 was a tough year for my eyes. I spent the year continuing on the Cutler mercury chelation program. After having had success at the end of 2013, essentially all progress was lost last year. I spent the year on the program of taking DMSA and Alpha Lipoid Acid (ALA) every 4 hours around the clock (yes, even waking up at night) for three days on, four days off. Each time I took 50 mg of DMSA and 100 mg of ALA. I was diligent in this program but did not see positive results, like I had experienced during the Fall of 2013. I definitely felt light years better during Fall 2013 than at any point in 2014.

            In December I thought about the DMSA/ALA program. The Cutler protocol says the first six months of a chelation program should consist of just taking DMSA, to chelate mercury from muscles/bones, and only then ALA should be added because it crosses the blood-brain barrier. Initially only DSMA should be taken to chelate mercury out of muscles/bones because if ALA is initially combined with DMSA, then mercury will be moved from muscles/bones into the brain. So, the steps are: 1. Chelate from muscles/bones. 2. Chelate from the brain.

            Two months ago in December 2014 I thought, maybe I've pulled so much mercury from the brain with the DMSA/ALA that I need to just take DMSA and remove mercury from my muscles/bones. I continued with the cycle of taking 50mg of DMSA every four hours, three days a week, but stopped taking ALA. To my surprise, I felt much better within two weeks! I took only the DMSA for about 6 weeks and over the past 2 weeks have reintroduced the ALA. My eyes - and entire body - are feeling so much better, and comparable to how I felt in Fall 2013. Not only has my eye pain diminished again, but my vision has improved (specifically at night), the redness has decreased, my skin has improved, my digestion is better and I am more energetic. Last year my eyes felt bad and I did not have much energy. Going to the gym was an ordeal. Now, my eyes are feeling better and I can go to the gym and have lots of energy to lift weights for an hour, four times a week.

            Here I am, over 2 years into the Cutler mercury removal protocol, which may take as long as 5 years. You can tell from my posts over the past 2.5 years, this is not an easy path and there has been a lot of turbulence. However, my eyes are the best they have felt since 1997 (when the pain suddenly started after a travel vaccine) and my quality of the life is the best it has been in 20 years.

            I will continue with the Cutler protocol and update my status occasionally. I intend to have some waves where I take both DMSA and ALA (50mg and 100 mg respectively, every four hours, three times a week), followed by periods where I only take the DMSA. For clarity, on the four off-days every week, I replenish my body with the vitamins removed by the DMSA, and take a quality probiotic. The supplements I take on the four off-days every week are:

            *Magnesium 150 mg 2x daily
            *Echinacea/Goldenseal Root (radiance brand) 450mg 2x daily
            *Ginger Root 550mg 2x daily
            *Lutein 6mg 2x daily
            *Flaxseed Oil 1200 mg 2x daily
            *Vitamin D 1,000 UI 2x daily
            *Zinc 50 mg 2x daily
            *Shellfish free Glucosamine 500mg 2x daily
            *Digestive enzymes 200mg 2x daily
            *B100 complex 2x daily
            *Align probiotic 1x daily. This is to repair damage mercury has inflicted on my gut. I have tried an extensive variety of probiotics and find most are a waste of money and/or make me feel worse or the same. I think Align helps me.

            I have also taken vitamin A and E supplements before but ran out months ago and have not had a chance to replenish those supplies. I drink orange juice and eat oranges/kiwis so I do not take vitamin C supplements.

            In addition, I continue to avoid sugar, processed foods and eat mostly chicken, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts and rice.

            For clarity, I am not 100% better. I would estimate my eyes are feeling 50% better than 2.5 years ago when I started to program. I did not fall into this easily. This April will represent the 18th anniversary of my eye pain. I'm not saying this is right for anyone else, but this is my journey and I am improving. I will post back at some time in the future.

            Good luck!


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              Is there any study that makes connection between heavy metal and dry eyes? I could use it to convince my doctor to test me in heavy metals.

              Thank you


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                There are various ways to test for heavy metals (I advocate urine analysis as the best method) but I am unaware of a test that connects heavy metals and dry eyes. I wasted 16 years seeing eye specialists, none of whom could do anything other than recommend lubricating eye drops and prescribe corticosteroid eye drops, which cause problems with extended use.

                Also be aware that if mercury is stored in the brain it will never show in any kind of heavy metal testing.


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                  Hey everyone - I haven't been here for awhile, because I haven't had progress for an extended time. The mercury chelation did provide some improvement, but for a short, unsustainable duration.

                  Lately I have been experiencing some improvement on medication to treat SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth). I - like so many of you - have been desperate for a solution. For a few years, I felt like the mercury chelation was the answer, but it was not, so I will stop posting on this board, and will start a new one with my experience relating to SIBO.

                  Good luck to all of us!


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