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I just realized dry eyes was ruining the quality of my life!

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  • I just realized dry eyes was ruining the quality of my life!

    I just found out about this forums and I am very excited to finally meet people who are dealing with the same issues I have! I thought I was going crazy with my eyes literally degenerating before I read about your stories so Iíd like to share mine.

    Iíve been wearing Eyeglasses since I was 12 years old and have been using eye drops (systane) for my dry eyes for more than 10 years now but until recently, these past 2 years have been extremely difficult for me. I wake up every day with a slight haze in my vision and sometimes I get the feeling that thereís something inside my eye that shouldnít be there but rubbing it off or rinsing it with water does not help. Iíve always thought this was associated with sleeping for such a long time and that itís normal for eyes to slowly ďwake upĒ and get accustomed to. Whenever Iím at work my eyes would literally burn up by midafternoon to the point that I cannot get any more work done because My eyes cannot focus anymore. I also noticed that there my eyes really get uncomfortable and that my lids just wanna close whenever I step into certain places for a prolonged time but I never figured it was the airconditioning. I also tried to find out if the problem was my prolonged computer use in the office and I realized it wasn't! The biggest mystery to me was whenever I tried working at home the whole day eyes would just feel tired but no burning sensation at all. For the past 6 months I have seen 4 different eye optometrists and every single one of them have told me that Iím fine and my eyeís grade has not changed. Switching eye drops did not help and I even tried switching the lights at our office in the hopes that my problem is caused by the glare to no avail.

    When I finally read other stories I realized that it was the air conditioner in the office that was drying up my eyes. I tested my theory for a few days of not opening the AC and it did show a remarkably improvement. I now also know why I feel so refreshed every time I sleep without the air-conditioning on. My only problem now is that I live in the Philippines which is an extremely hot and humid country and itís almost approaching summertime! Iíve tried installing a small air cooler in the office that dispenses water along with the air via a fan and I do feel it helps but not as much as Iíd want it to be. I work in front of the computer mostly around 6 hours per day and it will be extremely difficult for me to get any work done if I donít turn the AC on.

    I just want to thank each and every one of you for sharing your stories because knowing the source of my problems has dramatically increased the quality of my life! This might be a minor annoyance to some but itís been a big problem in my life to the point that itís always on mind 24/7. At least now I know that I should be avoiding air conditioning if unnecessary.

    Three weeks after reading up on the forums I have installed a small humidifier in front of my work desk which helps but doesn't really get rid of the problem. I also tried taking Omega 3 supplements which ABSOLUTELY WORKS albeit doesnt get rid of the problem 100 percent but this has drastically improved my tolerance for airconditioning. I also ordered a batch of thera tears drops and supplements from amazon and it will arrive in my place by next month and I will update this thread

    I'm currently looking for a pair of moisture chamber glasses that I can attach prescription lenses to. Any suggestions aside from Wileys? Do these glasses really help?

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    try lactoferrin supplement along with omega 3 too both anti inflamattory. I havent tried the glasses yet either but for me just wearing glasses is uncomfortable.


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      Hi there and welcome!

      I'm sorry to hear the optometrists have not been more helpful to you. Is it possible for you to see a corneal specialist ophthalmologist? There must be an explanation for what's going on but it may take a really good specialist who is familiar with the different dry eye tests to figure it out for you.

      First thing I would think of would be some kind of blepharitis/MGD, where your eyelids don't put out enough oil so your tears evaporate too quickly. This is the most common kind of dry eye and it makes your eyes very sensitive and vulnerable to everything - air movement, computer use, fumes, etc. It's also common to have that pattern of the blurred vision and gritty or 'foreign body sensation' in the eyes first thing in the morning. So I would suggest that you read a bit about the meibomian glands and the best ways of taking care of them (hygiene, warm compresses) which might be safe things to try between now and when you can get to a better doctor.

      I'm currently looking for a pair of moisture chamber glasses that I can attach prescription lenses to. Any suggestions aside from Wileys? Do these glasses really help?
      The Dustbusters can take prescription lenses as long as it's a relatively low prescription... that's a nice low cost way to go. However they don't have as good of a seal as Wileys. Yes, moisture chambers really DO help... one of the most important tools we have to protect our eyes from too much dryness and keep comfortable.
      Rebecca Petris
      The Dry Eye Zone


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        I can help you with the glasses. Get Solar Shield Polarized from Opticare online. I just bought a pair and it is amazing. You can even use them working on the computer as it tones down the brightness of the screen.

        Do you have dry eye specialist in the Philippines. That is your problem. Stop going to Optomotrist as they know nothing. I went to 10 Optomotrist in a year when I noticed this problem. They don't know anything. The only thing they are interested in is selling you glasses. Find an Ophthro that specialzes in dry eyes. I've also recently received the Lipiflow treatment which is the latest technology for dry eyes. Read about it. This doctor also found cloudiness in the IOL's I had put in my eyes from catract surgery. He's lazering these and said my sight should improve dramatically and I may not even need glasses. I can't wait to get my life back and this doctor is making that dream a reality. Order Dry Eye Omega Benefits online and buy a good pair of good sunglasses.


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