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Dry Eyes from Psoriasis or bacterial/viral infection?

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  • Dry Eyes from Psoriasis or bacterial/viral infection?

    Has anyone out there found that their problems were due to a bacteria/viral issues in the eye. I think a culture of my tears is the one test I haven't gotten. Also, doctor recently told me that psoriasis can cause dry eyes too. Any experience with that?

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    Hi there again
    I was two times diagnosed with viral and bacterial infection after lasik. I assume my eyes are very prone on getting infections due to the dryness...
    I do not have psoriasis but I have seborrheic dermatitis.
    Please feel free to PM me if you need more information.


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      interesting. I have psoriasis and I never explored a link to my dry eye. I'll have to check this out.


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        That is interesting. I have psoriasis and severe dry eye (mgd). Both are an inflammatory problem and I am convinced they are related. (They are my only 2 health problems, I am 38). For a year I have tried to do an anti-inflammatory diet and I have taken a lot of Omega 3, among other things, to try to help my eyes. This hasn't helped my eyes yet, but my psoriasis is not as bad as it used to be.


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          I've had psoriasis for 20 years (I'm 39), and also recently dx'd with EBMD. I've been trying to find a link between the two, or a link with the medication I'm taking for P (Remicade), but can't seem to find anything. All I know is they're both incurable and they both suck.


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            Has anyone experienced light sensitivity with these problems?


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              I posted an abstract of a study published a few years ago entitled Ocular Psoriasis. Do a search with those words and you will find it in the medical literature forum.

              The author found evidence that psoriasis does indeed have ocular manifestations but physicians are not as aware of them and concentrate more on the skin when diagnosing and treating psoriasis.

              I just reread the abstract and I wish we had access to the full article since it lists all the possible ocular symptoms. The abstract only summarizes.


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       Medscape summary info with psoriasis + eye refs

                There are systemic inflammatory processes including changes in lipids and proliferation of keratinocytes in skin, which would I guess include the layers of the cornea 'Trends in lipid profiles in patients with psoriasis'. It's easy to register and log in to Medscape.

                May be more research in PubMed, search 'psoriasis eye' eg 'Prevalence of eye disease in Brazilian patients with psoriatic arthritis' Lima et al., Clinics (Sao Paulo) 2012

       'Psoriatic eye manifestations' Au et al., Psoriasis Forum 17:3 Fall 2011, has more refs. (Google search 'eye psoriasis')

       Rehal B, Modjtahedi BS, Morse LS, Schwab IR, Maibach HI. 'Ocular psoriasis'. J Am Acad Dermatol. 2011;65(6):1202-1212. Epub 2011 May 6. - is the one we want.

       'Psoriasis and uveitis: a literature review', Naiara Abreu de Azevedo Fraga et al, An. Bras. Dermatol. vol.87 no.6 Rio de Janeiro Nov./Dec. 2012 - has plenty info on eye/skin inflammation pathways although mostly about uveitis.
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                  I also have psoriasis on my scalp.Candida link is the only thing i can think is a possibility


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                    Research shows reduced skin barrier, and reduced antimicrobial effect, with increased inflammation (inflammatory mediators identified, search PubMed 'Richard Gallo' and 'James Del Rosso'; also found in tear film, search 'antimicrobial tear') - therefore increased vulnerability to naturally occuring bugs in microbiome.

                    Has anyone had success with a ceramide moisturiser/emollient to calm psoriasis or rosacea skin (rather than eg paraffinum etc)?

                    Anthony16, Have you ever had a scrape for demodex on the scalp? Might be worth a try.
                    Paediatric ocular rosacea ~ primum non nocere


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                      Here is the older study that I posted in the Medical Literature Forum:

                      And here is a newer one that I just posted from March 2013:


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