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Tiny bumps underneath eyelids, meaning?

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  • Tiny bumps underneath eyelids, meaning?

    I have been experiencing pretty bad symptoms in my right eye only. Left eye is pretty much fine. I have blepharitis but have never been allergy tested and have tiny bumps underneath my lids..and have never worn contacts. Does this mean allergies? Should I ask for an allergy drop?

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    If you can stomach the results, doing a Google image search can be helpful to get some kind of basis for comparison. Try searching images on Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis, Sty, maybe Hordeolum?

    I'm not a fan of self-diagnosing but I am a big fan of reading voraciously and coming up with smart questions before heading to the doc . Whenever I'm tempted to post things like "Gee, why don't you ask your doctor?" I remember what poor results I had over the years getting my GPC accurately diagnosed.
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      The bumps are Really tiny. I can only see them under a magnifying mirror but when I went home for Christmas (which is way north of where I live now) my blepharitis was gone until I got back to southern ontario. I thought about it and called ,y corneal specialists manager who thinks it may be an allergy if I have never worn contacts. I am seeing him at the end of the month... What did they do to control your allergies if u don't mind me asking??


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