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Has anyone gotten the Whites of the eyes back?!

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  • Has anyone gotten the Whites of the eyes back?!

    Hi Everyone!

    I was just curious to those who have gone through treatments long term and has had the redness clear up?? I mean besides Steriods because we all know how those HOW DID YOU DO IT??? I am at my wits end with the never ending veins. my eyes used to be perfectly white.. Now the redness feels permanent.


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    That is the million dollar question for me too. Hopefully someone will have had some lasting success.


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      I have a few permanent ones in my left eye which look normal. My right eye has one vein that doesn't go away even with tears..however has many little ones on the conjunctiva. these ones go away with tears so I am assuming they aren't permanent. My specialist says one I manage to break the "inflammatory cycle" it should clear up. I am not holding my breathe. It has been two years and I have tried everything besides azasite which you cannot get in Canada.

      Steriod are the only thing that have really helped with the appearance.



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        My eyes hit rock bottom in January. It is now almost May, and my eyes are much whiter than they were, that's for sure (I'm ATD, using Restasis/plugs/otc drops/occasional compresses, SLOWLY getting better).

        Some veins will probably be in my eyes forever, but I know I have many that come and go if my eyes are really enflamed or irritated.

        For example, when I put in Fresh Kote, my eyes get red immediately. Many less red and invisible veins appear. Then, 5-10 minutes later, they are gone.

        You get more tears and there's a good chance some of the redness will go away. Good luck!
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