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Positive LASIK experience derailed by facial paralysis

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  • Positive LASIK experience derailed by facial paralysis

    By all accounts my dry eye should be a result of LASIK. After all, I was a middle-aged female with severe myopia and large pupils. But my refractive surgery experience was overwhelmingly positive. A few months of mild dry eye and my eyes healed perfectly without even needing the enhancement I was warned was probable.

    Eight years later I had brain surgery, a microvascular decompression of the seventh cranial nerve in an attempt to stop hemifacial spasm. I woke up with left side facial paralysis, my left eye unable to produce tears or blink.

    For five years I coped with the help of a 1.8 gram platinum eyelid implant that keeps my eye closed at night (but does not provide a complete blink) and round-the-clock use of Refresh PM ointment to keep my cornea moist and pain free. Drops, no matter how thick or "advanced," evaporate within fifteen minutes.

    Fortunately my right eye is fine and my brain adapted to half blurry vision. In all honestly, knowing what I do now I might not have had LASIK, but it turned out for the best in my case because being nearsighted with the facial paralysis dry eye problems would have been even worse.

    Recently I have been pursuing a scleral lens to regain sharp vision in my left eye. The first lens was too loose. I am currently testing the second lens, which is still ever-so-slightly loose. I have an appointment later this week where we will probably tweak the fit once more, as well as try a custom soft contact lens on the right side. I have very high hopes that this is going to work for me.

    I wrote a weblog post about my quest for clear vision here: for those interested in more detail.
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