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Newly diagnosed, eyes actually feel worse!

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  • Newly diagnosed, eyes actually feel worse!

    I have salzmann nodules on both eyes and have been newly diagnosed with blepharitis/dry eye. I have been doing hot compresses and using ocusoft regular. I had used systane in the past, but at dr. recommendation, I have been using ocusoft regular scrubbing pads. I swear that now, my eyes feel DRYER than before! is this possible? Could something with the ocusoft scrubs be drying my eyes out? I feel like going back to doing nothing and just using drops when needed. I'm afraid of the nodules getting worse or more, but I really believe that contact lens wear combined with dry eye is what caused them in the first place (no longer wear contacts).

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    I personally do not use the scrubbing pads, but instead I use a warm washcloth. When it comes to drops I find that Purilens Plus Ultra PF works the best for my dry eyes for I am able to flush my eyes out with it and use it as eye drops. Preservative free FTW! The only way to be certain that the pads are causing problems would be to discontinue the use of them. If there are any improvements then I would say stay clear of these scrubbing pads. I guess that's my 2 cents.