Let me tell my story, as I am seeking help and guidance as many others on these forums.

I am 27 years old.

It has all started when I had a period of 3-4 months of using PC for 10 hours a day straight almost.

Afterwards, it got to the point that I had to reduce the time at PC/TV significantly, as my eyes would be tired all the time and I could not take looking at any monitors/ screens. They would feel painful and dry after only couple hours of using PC. In the morning and evening they would be very red and sore.

I have over 4-5 months developed permanent red vessels in both my eyes (spider web veins like), which never go away and only improve/ become less visible when my eyes get proper rest (about 2 days of not using monitors, avoiding dry environments, having good sleep, etc).

I have been to visit my GP a couple times, who has diagnosed me with having dry eyes and now has given me several different dry eyes drops and eye gels to use over time. They have helped the problem slightly, but overall had very little impact. I have been referred to different eye specialists twice now and they have inspected my eyes and said there is nothing wrong and also said it could be dry eyes. They have also given me different drops to use, treating same condition. They have not helped much either.

I have now have had fatigued eyes/ dry eyes for about 9 months in total. I have recently stopped using eyes drops and only use eye gel before going to sleep, as I feel the eye drops do not make any difference at all. Even worse, my right eye blood vessel would keep bursting almost every day in same spot I think due to eye drops thinning the vessels perhaps. The eye would sometimes get painful and become very red due to bursted blood vessel and after about 30 minutes, it would seem that nothing has ever happened – it would be back to normal appearance.

I feel it is not so much ‘dry eyes’ as it is eye fatigue mostly, as when eye tear production test was done, it was found that all was ok.

Most importantly, my question is, if the red vessels, which seem to be permanent, can be ever removed or reduced without surgery?

Also, is there someone who had very similar symptoms and has used drops or anything that would significantly help dry/ fatigued eyes?

Any tips on how to exercise, rest or treat eyes using any home remedies are also highly appreciated.

Also, any ideas as to why blood vessel in one of the eyes keep bursting would be great.

Thanks in advance.