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No More Dry Eye Waking Me Up At Night

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  • No More Dry Eye Waking Me Up At Night

    I stumbled on this board looking for solutions after consistently waking up every night from eye pain. I have suffered from dry eye for years and used drops all the time, but especially at night. I went to see Dr. Ray Brill in Mission, Kansas and he suggested LipiFlow. I have seen some posts about LipiFlow both positive and negative, and while I was a bit apprehensive about the treatment, I was at the point where I needed to do something for a good night of sleep. It has been a while since my treatment and thought I would share my experience here.

    Dr. Brill explained all to me in detail and showed me the blockages in my glands, so I did LipiFlow in both eyes. Within a few weeks after treatment, I was sleeping through the night. The only real daytime problems that I experienced was when wearing contacts, especially if my eyes were really dry or it was just a dry day outside. Since LipiFlow I don't have to take my contacts out near as often. I still use drops occasionally but not anything like I used to. Most importantly, I am not waking up at night anymore.

    I will most likely get LipiFlow treatment again soon. It has worked for me and Dr. Brill was fantastic. I know I may not be as severe as some I have read about but the waking up at night along with some daytime irritation was getting pretty bad. Since LipiFlow worked so well, I thought I would share.

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    Thanks for sharing. Sleep deprivation is an absolute nightmare, and a treatment that might help people is useful to know about.


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      Good for you.


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