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Is Seattle the Dry Eye Mecca? A visit with Dr. Jensen too

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  • Mawsky
    So Glad you have felt better here! Crazy as this sounds my eyes are sometimes worse when it rains here, Don't know why because it makes no sense. It could be that it rains so much here and my eyes are better some days than others, and I just figure its the rain. I've never looked into seeing Dr. Jensen but may try and see him in the future, Have an Appointment with my local guy to ask about trying the new Xiidra, as Restasis was too painful for me to use, and seemed to irritate so much it made my eyes worse. Hope your eyes keep improving.

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  • Is Seattle the Dry Eye Mecca? A visit with Dr. Jensen too

    Hey Y'all,

    I'm spending my last night in Seattle. sniff sniff. I'm sad to leave. I really like it here. The rainy climate really helped and it's a gorgeous state. Plus Dry Eye rockstar, Dr. Jensen practices in Renton and I paid him a visit. He was really helpful. I think I could achieve a nice recovery living here with the weather and seeing him. I'm going to do a write up on my visit with him soon, but wanted to wholeheartedly recommend him. He made some helpful suggestions. Very nice guy. He spent about 2 hours with me. I created a video and posted a blog with some pictures here:

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