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Severe Dry Eye sufferer... Pls help and advise

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  • Severe Dry Eye sufferer... Pls help and advise

    I am 32yo male, lives in Hong Kong, who has been diagnosed with severe Dry Eyes for over 6months now.
    After seeing multiple Ophthalmologists, I have been told, I have MGD and Aqeous Deficiency. My eyes are burning everyday, and with severe redness.
    I am using OTC drops (Systane Balance, Systane Geldrops, Genteal, Hylo Gel, Hylo-Protect) altogether... but they dont seem to last within the eye. I need to put them in almost every 30mins-1hour.
    Have been using Restasis for 4 months plus now, and still seems to have no improvement. Also been taking Omega-3 supplements for over 4 months.

    Can anyone advise what I should do ? Will my condition ever get better ? I understand this is a slow process... but everyday going through this pain is very depressing, and with no sight of the finish line.

    Am I the only one in this world like this ? How does anyone find the strength to tackle this problem ?

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    I wont be of much help, as I am in the same situation. I have visited 10 eye doctors (most of them clueless when it comes to dry eyes) so far to get some answers and I haven't got any.
    Try things you have not tried yet (diet, warm compresses, eye-lid hygiene and others). This site's encyclopedia and the triumphs forum section are really helpful. Don't stop reading about this.
    If your eyes get worse form using computer or reading you must limit these activities. I made my screen almost black, since the glare kills my eyes.
    From time to time, when I can afford it, I do some pretty random blood and stool tests, for example for lyme disease, thyroid functioning, androgen deficiency, demodex infestation and others.

    I also try to accept that pain is just a part of life, but I don't know if I will be so wise when it gets worse...

    Keep investigating and experimenting. Good luck.


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      Dry eyes can be a horrible thing to live with; however, I try to live one day at a time. Fear of the future can be awful, so I try to stay into this day. I am not real good at it yet.
      Check into Xiidra; it is supposed to work faster than Restasis.

      You are not alone in this fight. There are many of us who are struggling along the side of you. I am trying to keep doing things that I enjoy in spite of the discomfort. Not easy but I have too, or I will live in depression.


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        HI KK,

        I sent to you a private message yesterday . Please read.


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          I think most of those drops have preservatives? Try switching to preservative free drops. Apparently the preservatives are an irritant. I use Bausch & Lomb Soothe drops. For a gel drop, there is Refresh Celluvisc. Try lid wipes daily to clean lid margins, whether you can see anything or not. This can help reduce bacteria, which reduces the inflammation. Do warm compress 3x day for 10 minutes. Wear moisture chamber glasses inside and motorcycle sunglasses with a gasket outside (7eye or Wiley) -- I do this when my eyes are really bad and it provides a lot of relief. Maybe try Cliradex wipes to treat yourself for demodex even though no doc has ever mentioned it. Everyone has them, you can't see them, and certainly they aren't helping the situation.

          I think this may be an oddity that I experienced, but I discovered by accident when I had an eye infection and had to stop using Restasis for a week, that it was drying the heck out of my eyes.