I am going to a follow up appointment at Moorfields at St George's on Friday. At my first appointment I was told there was nothing wrong with my eyes. At the second appointment I was told I have posterior blepharitis. This time I want to go prepared. Could anyone suggest a list of questions? I have no gunk on my eyes in the mornings, when I try to express anything from my my meibomian glands I cannot see anything come out. My right eye is OK but my left eye constantly feels like something is in it under the top lid. This has gone on for 2 months and came on suddenly. I did have some sort of eye infection and used chloramphenicol but it has cleared up. The soreness in the left eye remains. I use Refresh Soothe and Protect drops as needed and do warm compresses with an eye bag twice a day. It is not getting any better.
I am going to ask:
Am I seeing the Corneal/Dry eye team (as I think I am under the laser team)
Do I have a short tear break up time
Do I have dry patches on the cornea
Am I producing anything from the meibomian glands, if so is it the correct liquidity, or too thick
Can I try Hylo tears (as I have heard they are good and PF)

If anyone has any other suggestions for good questions to get a diagnosis I would be grateful.